What I learned in 2018

Hello friends!

Let me start with this article and year by wishing you all a very good 2019. I hope you’ll all have the strengths to make your dreams come true, a good health and a lot of happiness in your life!

I wanted to start this year by writing on the previous one, for a rather simple reason: 2018 has been good and for sure a great foundation for 2019! So here are the things I learnt the last year.

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The Survival Guide to Swedish Winters

Expat and travel friends, a warm hello to you!

These past weeks have been flying by and even before realising it, November started. I don’t get how my weeks are going back that fast and actually smoothly. I’m not saying life isn’t busy, but there is just no time to think about it!

But then, last weekend, it kinda snowed, and everything was frozen and icy in the morning so, I thought it could be a good think to stop for a minute and put all together all my thought on how we can actually survive another winter in Sweden. So here it comes, the survival guide to Swedish Winters!

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Celebrating ‘Midsommar’ as a foreigner in Stockholm

Hi friends! And most importantly, welcome back!
Before coming to Sweden I never ever heard of Midsummer and it turns out to be a thing! So if we would have to rank the different holidays, it would be right after Christmas – or this type of high importance event that no one would miss. So if you want to know a little bit more about this weekend of fun and off-work days, just keep on reading and we’ll meet again in the comments!

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