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Bucket List

Hi friends!
As many people, I want to travel the world and discover all kind of hidden places which would inspire me to travel even more! And it is not because I already live abroad that I wish to travel less than others!
As a side note, my bucket list isn’t really about reaching a certain number or amount of countries I’d stop by, but rather about experiencing what one country has to offer, in terms of nature, lifestyle and people, getting to know the locals and hear about their stories and traditions.
As the list could go on forever, I decided to focus on the main places I wish to go at this point in time. And that’s already a lot, believe me! So, to give you an idea of where I wish to go (one day), just keep on reading!
I will be trying to update the bucket list as time and trips will come along, so keep an eye on it to discover what the novelties are!
Some places might not be accessible for me just yet, but you never know where the future will lead you, and after all, dreaming does not cost anything, right?!
Canada, it’s been my dream travel-to place for years.
– USA, mainly NYC, San Francisco and the national parks.
– Ecuador.
– Peru.
– Brazil.
– Argentina.
Helsinki, Finland.
– Baltic countries. The three of them, yes!
– St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia.
– Sweden. Of course. I really really want to go all the way up north, both in winter and summer!
– Norway.
– Portugal.
– Turkey.
– Greece. Especially the islands.
– Cape Town, South Africa.
– Morocco.
– Madagascar.
– Mauritius.
– Tanzania. But not only for Zanzibar.
– Japan. During cherry blossom season maybe?!
– Philippines.
– Myanmar.
– Vietnam.
– Laos
– Iran.
– India.
– Sri Lanka.
– New Zealand.
– French Polynesia.
– Australia.
– New Caledonia.
– Vanuatu.
⇒ So, where are we off to next?
⇒ You are from one of these places or live there? Feel free to share some nice spots from your country!

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