Top 08 things to do when Visiting Stockholm in Winter

Hello friends!

Writing about Canada was honestly super nice, as I got to head back to my memories and look at all the pictures we took during the trip. So, I do hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing them!

However, today I wanted to come back to my Swedish articles and just share with you all some of the really cool things you can do in Stockholm, when visiting during winter time!

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My 12-months living in Stockholm review


It has been one year. Already! I know the blog is slightly younger than that, but here I am, living and working in Stockholm, Sweden, for one year! I wrote 6 months ago a first review on living in this stunning city, and all the adventures I went through during this period, as I believe, no matter where you’re planning on moving, you might experience some similar feelings and so on. If you don’t know what I am talking about, or if you just want to refresh your memory, check the first edition of the review just here!

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First time in Canada, a few days in Québec, QC.

Hello friends!

How are you? Did you all survived this first week back at work? Or are you the lucky ones enjoying some extra vacation days?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve, for sure, seen that I spent my Christmas holidays in Canada! It was my very first time there and so I’ve been to Québec city, Montreal and Ottawa. For this first article, I’ll just focused on Québec and the few days I spent there with my family. Hope you’ll enjoy the reading and pictures! 🇨🇦

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What I learned in 2018

Hello friends!

Let me start with this article and year by wishing you all a very good 2019. I hope you’ll all have the strengths to make your dreams come true, a good health and a lot of happiness in your life!

I wanted to start this year by writing on the previous one, for a rather simple reason: 2018 has been good and for sure a great foundation for 2019! So here are the things I learnt the last year.

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6 nice restaurants you should try in Stockholm

Good morninnnnng!

Anyone else loving food out here?

Great, cause, lately I’ve been trying different places around Stockholm, and so I wanted to share over here some of the ones I liked the most. There is a bit of everything, in different areas of the city and for all types of diets.

Note: you may want a cookie when reading this because a lot of pictures are coming!

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Memories of China #1

Hello my dears!

So I know that this type of article might surprise you a little, and is quite different from my usual expat-Stockholm related topics. But I do believe it is also important so share some important memories of things and places I’ve been – ’cause you guys get to know me too! And who knows, maybe one day you’ll also travel to these places!

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The Survival Guide to Swedish Winters

Expat and travel friends, a warm hello to you!

These past weeks have been flying by and even before realising it, November started. I don’t get how my weeks are going back that fast and actually smoothly. I’m not saying life isn’t busy, but there is just no time to think about it!

But then, last weekend, it kinda snowed, and everything was frozen and icy in the morning so, I thought it could be a good think to stop for a minute and put all together all my thought on how we can actually survive another winter in Sweden. So here it comes, the survival guide to Swedish Winters!

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A cure to homesickness?

Hello friends!

I hope you are all well on this lovely Sunday!

Living abroad is for sure one of the best experiences one can live, and clearly it brings a lot. But not everything is always smooth or pleasing, and family is not always around. I believe that one gets used to live far away from its family, however, there are always times, when family would be welcomed to live next door.

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Fall favorites 🍁

Hello there!

Happy Sunday y’all! For this week, I wanted to share with you the 10 things I like the most during this fall.

Fall used to be one of my favourite season, but since I moved to Sweden, well, I like it a little less! The reason why, is mainly the weather (surprise surprise!), here the fall is super cold and feels more like an early winter rather than a late summer. However, the colours are still amazing!

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How to get the best of Copenhagen in less than 48 hours

Happy Sunday fellow blog lovers!

Today I wanted to share my favorite things about Copenhagen and how to get the best of it in less than 48 hours. Impossible you’ll tell me, then, I hope I can prove you wrong!

I have spent the last weekend in Copenhagen, and so, I wanted to share with you my favorite spots and also some insights if you are planning on visiting the beautiful Danish capital city!

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