Hi friends, and welcome to the Northern Itinerary!

I’m Héloïse, the one typing and creating the content here. Originally from Saint-Malo, France, I am now expat in Stockholm, Sweden.

If there are few things to know about me, here there are; I’m a tea lover (yes all day everyday!). I love discovering new places and being a tourist in my own city. Living close by the sea is what I like the most, and last thing, I think I could bake everyday!

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About ‘the Northern Itinerary’

This blog shares my experiences and adventures in Sweden and other amazing places I’ll be travelling to! All the posts are based on my experiences, and I hope it will help some of you to get ready for the expat life. If you are planning on coming to Sweden for holidays, check the blog out, you might find some nice itineraries and great memories along the way!

Feel free to share anything with me in the comments or on my socials (emailInstagram, Facebook, YouTubePinterest!)

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Why Sweden?

The story is fairly basic… After my Bachelor degree I decided it was time to live abroad for a bit and studying a master program was the easy option to find a new ‘home away from home’. Then graduation, work opportunity, new city and new apartment happened so here I am, still living in Sweden!

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