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Where to go around Stockholm: a day in Björnö

Where to go around Stockholm: a day in Björnö

Travelling and going to new countries is one of the easiest things to do. Especially when flight tickets are super cheap! However, for a little while now, we are trying to explore a bit more our surroundings and Sweden in general. For some months, we are trying to make an effort in going to places, close by our place, just for a day. We usually use public transport to travel in and out of Stockholm. Therefore, back in March, we went to the beautiful nature reserve of Björnö for a day trip.

Note that we went there completely off-season and so this is why it may look empty!

How to get there?

Going to Björnö, without a car, is pretty straight-forward: take the bus. One of the amazing things in Stockholm, is that you can go pretty much everywhere with public transport. We took the bus from Slussen (Södermalm), and it brought us straight to the nature reserve. The bus ride takes around 1 hour, and goes through several cities and smaller islands on the way.

Oh yes, and when saying that it brought us to the reserve, I mean, straight at the doors. Glorious! The entrance is free, unless you come with the car, then you need to pay for parking. But otherwise there is no admission fee to get in the reserve.

We went to Björnö back in March and so some lakes were still frozen. However, it was the first days of sun we got to enjoy a bit of warmth while being there. As March is still considered as winter here, the bus timetable goes accordingly. You will definitely need to plan your day or you might easily miss the last bus, leaving the reserve at about 16:00.

What to do?

As you can imagine, we did not have much time there and did not know what would be around. We planned a little picnic there, and discovered that no shops where around (or opened) then. However, there are some barbecues installed which you can use (for free).

While walking around the island, we discovered so many little and remote areas which are great for short hikes, or just to stop and enjoy the view. I believe Björnö is an excellent area in the summer if you want to enjoy the beaches and sea side out of the city.

Most of the reserve is accessible for cycles and so you are free to discover the reserve this way. There are a few camping sites and many areas arranged with public commodities like barbecues, toilets or benches. Björnö is a great place if you like to walk around, there are no steep hills which make the walk rather easy. And the best part of it, is that you can stop anywhere to enjoy the view!

I would really like going back there in the summer time as I believe the area would be much different and lively! There are a number of spots for boats to stop as well. So, all in all, Björnö is great place to go to if you like nature and chilled walks, without pressure, and of course, a great place to take a dip in the Baltic Sea!

⇒ I hope you enjoy this little and local adventure! If you have any idea on what we should explore next, leave a comment!

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