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4 Days in Prague: What you Need to Do

4 Days in Prague: What you Need to Do

The last time I went to Prague, it was probably some 9 years ago. So it goes without saying that, I did not remember much of what to do and see! As a part of our Easter break, we took a train from Bratislava to Prague to go from one city to the other without flying. In addition, train tickets are really affordable and it takes you directly to the city centre. I wanted to write this article as a city guide. Referencing all the places we’ve been to, where we ate, and tips on everything you need to do if you’re in Prague for 4 days or less!

If you want to know where we went first, check out this and that!

As mentioned just above, we booked our train tickets from Bratislava to Prague, before going on the trip. We paid 12€ each, and rode a direct train for 4 hours. I was happily surprised by the service offered onboard, so if you are planning on a similar trip, consider taking the train! Travelling in train is something I really like.  First, because it is very comfortable, and then because we got to enjoy local landscapes. This goes together with the fact that, travelling by train is much better for the environment than flying!

We arrived in Prague around 12.00 (midday), on the Tuesday, and left in the Friday afternoon. As you can see, we then got 2 full and 2 half days in the city. I believe this was enough to see most of the places we wanted to, but also long enough to take time to relax and just not run around the city.

Day 1

After arriving in Prague, we went straight to our Airbnb, located in the city centre, just about 5 min walk from the “novoměstská radnice” tram station. The apartment was really nice and located in the centre which is great if you like walking everywhere! So after settling in, as you can guess, it was food time! And there we found the perfect place if you want local and yummy food: Lokál! They have a few locations, but we went to the one in the Old Town/Dlouhá. The menu changes every day and on average you can eat for about 10-12€ with a drink.

Charles Bridge?! Bad first impressions.

We spent quite some time there, met with friends and chatted a lot. But then we went on our first city tour and walked toward Charles Bridge. As you can guess, going there in the middle of the afternoon on a bright and sunny day is not ideal if you want to be alone. I’ve had great memories of Charles Bridge when visiting Prague some years ago, and honestly, this is not how I remembered it. This afternoon I was very confused about the city which was so packed and different from my memories. This was not the place I remembered and loved.

While we were in the Charles Bridge area, we walked around the Old Town for a bit but decided to head back to our apartment and cook for dinner. This way we enjoyed an evening at home, got to relax and spend time with friends as well. We also used this time to plan what we wanted to do for the next day. As you can guess, due to the amount of people, I wanted to know where about to go. This way, we don’t waste too much time wandering around or being stuck in the crowd!

Day 2


Ticking off some of the must-do when in Prague: we took a tram and went to the Castle. I liked taking the tram as it brought us up to the top entrance of the castle instead of the lower one. This way we got to walk by the gardens, which were not packed yet. And then, we went inside the walls of the castle, to the Cathedral and surrounding areas. It is true that it is a beautiful place and the architecture is rather impressive. However, note that you won’t be alone. This took a lot away from our experience there and so I did not fully enjoy it.

We walked around the area for quite a while and then stopped for a coffee at the Lobokowicz Palace Café. The view from there is so pretty and I give a very nice overview on this side of the city. In my opinion, this area is really similar to a village in Southern Europe. Loved it! We left the castle by the lowest entrance/exit, and got to enjoy the view on the city one more time.

From the castle, we walked along the river until reaching the Dancing House. This hotel has a very specific and fun architecture, and you should definitely go check it out! The building also happen to have a nice rooftop bar and restaurant. So talking about the view, we went all the way up, got a drink and went onto the terrace and just enjoyed the view and some sun! If you decided to get a drink there you don’t pay any entrance to the bar! It is a good option and the view is lovely!

After this pit stop in the sun we walked to a very nice restaurant, a bit further, called U Voraře. The food there was really good and we got to eat on the terrace. This is a very nice address if you want to have a quiet but tasty lunch in Prague.


After lunch, Erikas and I went on an adventure and climbed up the Kinského zahrada. This park is located on a hill and gives a super nice view on the city. We also wanted to enjoy a bit the nature and do something different. Going on these little hikes as it gives us the time to talk and share our thoughts on the trips and so on. We took a lot of turns and went all the way up to the Petrin Tower (Petřínská rozhledna). Though, we did not really plan to go up the tower at first, but we happened to be there and it was not packed at all. As for many things, the opportunity was here and so we used it! We went up the tower and got to enjoy the view on Prague from another angle.

Going to such view points is great as it really helps to locate yourself and the different areas of a city. Many of these view points are touristy but this one, surprisingly, was not.

After going down the tower, we continued our walk and went towards the Strahov monastery. This monastery and brewery has a great location between the park and the castle and offers a beautiful view on the city. We stopped there for a while (also to rest our legs from all the climbing) and took the tram back to our Airbnb to have some dinner. Following our dinner we went to the ‘Gin and Tonic Club’, which is a very fun place to be. And even if you’re not a gin lover, you may like this place and the drinks!

Day 3


Our second & last full day in Prague! We started the day by walking to the district of Žižkov, located in Prague 3. I heard about this district in this video (in French). And we are so happy we went there! This area is not touristy at all and a bit hipster-ish. We enjoyed being around there as all houses are super beautiful and colourful. There all different from one another and the area is very lively and active. We enjoyed a drink/lemonade and pastry at the very cute Cafefin – you can check the picture here below and so if you are around, make sure you stop by.

Before leaving the area, we walked by the Žižkov TV-tower, but did not went up. As you can imagine we went to quite a few view points already! However, we walked by a very nice local market, where we really wanted to get some snacks from!


Following our excursion to Žižkov, we took the metro back to the Strahov monastery. Even though Erikas and I went the day before, we thought it would be good to show it to our friends. The view from there is fantastic and it is one of our highlights. We also stopped there for lunch, but I have to say that the restaurant was not our best decision. Dishes are expensive and rather basic, but the worst for me, is that there is absolutely no service nor amiability from staff there. So if you wish to stop there, just enjoy a nice beer!

After lunch, we wanted to walk back to our place and just enjoy being in the sun and walking around. It took us about 45 minutes, and we got to stop along the way to get souvenirs and others. Once we reached our accommodation we all took a bit of time off, napped, and got ready for dinner. We went to the restaurant “Pork’s”, and if you enjoy meat, this is where you need to go. I could not believe how good the food was, and despite the very large portion, we ate it all!

To finish the day, we went back to our favourite Lokál in Dlouhá for some beers! If you happen to be around, make sure you try the “foam”. It is a full glass of beer foam, and I guess there is only in Prague you can have that such thing!

Overview of the city of Prague

Day 4

I could not believe how fast time flew by, and without realising it, it was already our last morning in Prague! Luckily we were flying back to Stockholm only on the afternoon, so after checking out, we headed back to the central train station. Yes, the reason for this is because we did not want to carry our bags for the whole morning. We used the lockers in the station, and for a reasonable price you can leave your bag in and up to 24h.

After this, we headed back to the small streets of the city centre and just enjoyed a walk there. We found some very nice path where you can walk along the river and which happen to be not to packed. Otherwise, when we headed back to the Old Town, on the castle side, we found the smallest/narrowest pedestrian street in town! Which happen to have a signification light! We also walked back to the John Lennon Wall, where we went on our first day, and stopped for a couple of pictures. Yes, sometimes I like to play tourist!

As time was flying by we decided to go back to Lokál for our last lunch in Prague. As the menu changes everyday we could eat something different from on the first day. This restaurant on the castle side, was more touristy than the one in Dlouhá. However, the food is equally good and prices are the same. You can surely go there without thinking, there won’t be a bad surprise! This lunch was our Prague wrap! After this, we went back to the station, got our bags and headed to the airport!

Impressions from this trip to Prague

Prague is a really pretty and impressive city. The city in quite big and there are a lot of nice buildings. If you like architecture, you will not be disappointed! However, you need to know that there are a lot of tourists. Like, really a lot of them – everywhere! But once we got over this fact, we looked for other districts and areas which we as nice as the centre. These places, such as Žižkov, brings a lot to this trip and made me fall back in love with Prague. Also, if you like meat and beer, there is no better place for you!

Prague landscape with castle

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⇒ I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and it made you want to discover the beautiful city of Prague! If you have any tips on what to see there, feel free to share!

⇒ I’d like to know, where are you planning on going to next?

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