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Skåne: when Living in the South of Sweden

Skåne: when Living in the South of Sweden

If you’ve been following along my adventures, you know that before living in the beautiful Stockholm, I settled in Helsingborg. Helsingborg is a city of over 100K inhabitant, and is located all the way in the South of Sweden, in the Skåne county. I have been living there as I started my master programme in Lund University. The University’s main campus is located in Lund, but also have branches in Helsingborg and Malmö. So, I spent over 1,5 years in Skåne and here is why, it will always have a special place in my heart. It is important for me to also share some memories from living in South Sweden. In fact, it is a large part of my life, and, most importantly, because it shaped my current experience in Stockholm.

I tried to make a list of the reason why I really liked Skåne and Helsingborg. But it is not easy! There are many reasons which are just basic, as I called this place home for a while. So I came up with 4 main topics which I think are particularly important to me. I’ll try, through these, to give you the best overview possible on why there is not only Stockholm in Sweden! As much as I love living in the capital city, Helsingborg keeps many of my happy memories.


University Life

I have to admit that most of my memories from living in Skåne are associated with the University life and things around it. My social life there was much more developed than in Stockholm (also I had more time then). These are just facts and also chapters in my life that evolved. But still! Lund University is the reason why I am in Sweden and so arriving in Skåne is linked to my university times. It was also my first steps in Sweden, and a lot of new discoveries. Not limited to Skåne nor Sweden, but if we think back for a minute at our university years, I believe it is associated with friends, parties, travelling and adjusting to the independent life.

Smaller Cities

There is nothing bad to live in a small city. I actually found it much easier to adapt. I don’t regret moving to Stockholm, but the smaller cities of South Sweden had something special. Walking in the city centre, in the mall or by the sea side was different because not so packed.

It was also much easier to find my way around things. Not only getting to know the city and how to get from A to B, but rather, getting to know how Sweden works. How to get my things in order, how to start processes and even learning Swedish. I feel like learning Swedish there was slightly easier. Probably, because the group of students was smaller, but also because it did not feel like being part of a mechanism where SFI students are just numbers.

Nature & Landscapes

If you are following me on Instagram, you’d know that I grew up by the sea and beach, and so I have a special relationship with cities by the sea. I always feel so much better around the ocean and I love living in an area where I can walk towards the sea anytime. Luckily, Helsingborg is just along the Öresund! This part of the Baltic Sea makes the border between Denmark and Sweden, so of course, living in Helsingborg was a dream for me.

But, on top of being by the sea, Helsingborg is great to travel to other areas around, where you can be in the nature. I have seen some of my favourite landscapes in Skåne, and I loved how they changed depending on the seasons. There are so many nature reserves and national parks in Sweden, which makes you want to be outside to enjoy. And if you do not want to take a bus or train, there are always a lot of lovely places within walking distance from the centre.


Helsingborg is not the biggest city or the most attractive at first. But when you live there and start settling in, you quickly identify how this city is connected. Going to Denmark was the easiest, without a doubt! Either with the train or with the ferry. You just sit and here you are, in less than 1 hour. 1 hour is the time I need today to get to work (just to put this into perspective!). There you can actually be in another country!

Travelling within Skåne could not be any easier either. One transport card for the whole county, and many buses or trains options. And another good thing, is that when you arrive there and register to your new address, you get two times one month of free transportation in the county. Can it get any better than this?

I loved how easy it was to go from a place to another. Especially when travelling, reaching Copenhagen airport was really easy and fast. Meeting other friends studying in Denmark was the easiest as going there was easier than going to Gothenburg or Stockholm for instance. And even with a tight schedule you can make the most of a visit in the Danish Capital city.


⇒ I hope you enjoyed this article and you’ll get to know Sweden a little more through this. So tell me, do you live in a capital city? Or a smaller city? What do you prefer?

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