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Why travelling doesn’t just come with luck

Why travelling doesn’t just come with luck

Happy Sunday everybody!

As you can all see from the different articles written here, I love travelling and discovering new places. Over the last few months, we decided to travel a bit more often. Travelling, for us, includes long trips but also short weekend gateways. From the moment we started to travel more, we heard a lot of “you’re so lucky to travel”. So, I wanted to show you all that travelling does not just come with luck and that everyone can travel as much or even more than we do.

Travel has certainly different meaning for people and I believe each has a different motivation when it comes to travel. Whether if it is for adventure, off the beat path discoveries, main attractions or anything else, travelling brings joy, open eyes and creates great memories.

Here below are some of the things, we take into consideration when planning trips. It comes either when thinking about a trip, planning or booking one.

Our main motivation to go to work

I believe everyone has his/her motivation to get up in the morning and go to work. In our case, it is travelling! This is a great motivation to get there but also because there is a goal. As we usually plan our trips ahead (see below), we have an objective, something to look forward to, and this clearly helps. It helps to go to work, but also to be more efficient. If I get all my tasks done earlier, I’ll be heading back home earlier and I can plan my trip.

Of course, everyone is different, have different lifestyles and have different relationship towards travelling. For some it will be a 3 months trip to exotic countries, for others, a weekend trip in Europe or anything else! But in all cases, your motivation reflects the efforts you are putting into something that make you happy.


Planning ahead

As I mentioned previously, travelling is one of the reason why we get up everyday, so knowing that we will be going somewhere makes life a little brighter! It is always nice to have an idea of what will be coming next, and so this is what we try to do. We usually try to go somewhere every 2 months. This way there is enough time to plan in between each trip, there is also time to save a little money and also enjoy the excitement of going to a new place.

Planning ahead is also a good thing as we are able to get rather cheap flights (or train tickets). We also have time to do a bit of research on the places we will visit instead of picking a last-minute deal without knowing where we will end up. Another thing to take into account, is that we both have jobs and so we need our holidays to be approved before going away on a trip. In 2 months, there is plenty of time to arrange the travel but also our jobs and tasks around it in order to leave with a free spirit!


Choose the right destination at the right time

I have a bucket list. A list of countries or cities I want to visit in my life – you can find it here – but I haven’t set a date to these trips. So, whenever I want to go somewhere, I keep an eye on my list and also scroll through flight prices. There are always good flight deals and when you are quite flexible on the dates, you can find flights for very reasonable prices. For such, I usually take Skyscanner, from Stockholm to Everywhere, then you just need to be inspired!

As we are usually flexible on our dates, it is easy to travel anytime, arranging one or two days off around the weekend and having a short gateway. Weekend trips are, maybe not our favourites, but the way we travel the most. For two reasons, it is easy and cheaper. For a weekend trip, we don’t fly to places that are more than 3h flight from the city we live in. Otherwise, there is no time to relax or enjoy a place without rushing. The last weekend trip was actually a month ago in Kiev… Did you read that article?

We pick places where the cost of living is low. I don’t have any shame to admit this. Living in Stockholm is expensive and so if we want to enjoy a trip by going out for every meal or going to fancier places – for example, it is easier to do so when travelling. If you want more details on this, check out the article on Warsaw!


Saving money on everyday things


Travelling has a cost that has to be taken into account. Even when planning ahead and going to destinations where the cost of living is lower, we inevitably spend money when travelling. So, just as million other people, we go to work and we try to save as much as we can from our salaries. In our case, we save on not having a car. As comfortable as it is, at the end of the day, it is not worth it when living in the city. Public transportation in Stockholm works very well and so, using the public network enables us to save a considerable amount of money every month.


In addition, we usually don’t shop. Shopping for clothes, shoes, home wear or other things we don’t need. I am not saying we don’t shop at all, but we don’t shop when we don’t absolutely need something. Then, we also take into account that if we need to buy a winter jacket, shoes or anything else, it is more like an investment. Meaning, we are willing to pay more for it, as we will use this item for several years.


Another important thing to consider is lunch. You can buy lunch everyday to take to work or eat out during the week. And I agree it is nice and pleasant to just sit and not cook. But instead, when we started to work in Stockholm, we brought lunch boxes to work. Everyday we’d cook for dinner but instead of making for 2, we are making for 4. This way we get a nice dinner and we get to take the leftovers to lunch. If you spend 8€ on a lunch everyday, it makes it 40€ at the end of the week, and that can be the price of your next flight!


With this article I wanted to show you that travelling, and travelling often does not just come with luck. You need to put efforts in it and also have the motivation for it. The luck comes into place when you can say you are lucky to have a French passport. Because this makes travelling easier. There is not need for a visa on a weekend trip for example, so yes, this is luck, but otherwise, travelling remains a chance that you should embrace!

⇒ And how about you, do you like travelling? Do you think travelling is rather a chance or luck?

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