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Great things to do in Stockholm in Winter

Great things to do in Stockholm in Winter

Hello friends!


As you know, Swedish winters are cold, long and dark. Yes that’s facts. But the good thing is that it is a real winter (wonderland). It does snow, and not just a little, so, of course, it brings a lot of cool things to do! I gathered a few ideas for you of great things to do in Stockholm during winter time!

Note: Writing about Canada was honestly super nice, as I got to head back to my memories and look at all the pictures we took during the trip. So, I do hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing them! However, today I wanted to come back to my Swedish articles and just share with you all some of the really cool things you can do in Stockholm, when visiting during winter time!


1. (Re) Discover the city

If you live in Stockholm, or if you have already been travelling to Sweden, you know the city and how beautiful it is. If you have been travelling here, you probably travelled during spring or summer time, as we agree, it is way more pleasant!

But, you know what?! There is waaay fewer people out in the streets in Winter, especially if is start snowing. And for me this is one of the best things when visiting a new city. You are alone! You get to see places and details that you haven’t before, there is no one to push or bother you, and if you want to stop in the middle of the street to take a picture, guess what… you can do it!


2. Walking on frozen lake(s)

This was a first for me just a couple of weeks ago! I never ever walked on a frozen lake before, and this is quite an experience, that I wish you all to try it! One tip, make you it is allowed and safe! Because when you hear the ice cracking, believe me it is soooo scary you just want to run back to a safer place…. (I will not disclose whether or not it happened to me…).

Stockholm is a city built on islands, and so part of the city stands on the sea-side whereas the other one is on the lake side. As you can guess the lake freezes way faster and more often than the sea, and so you can be standing on the frozen lake right in the middle of the city center! Which is already a pretty big deal! Otherwise, you can always go to the national parks that are nearby and enjoy some more frozen lake in a stunning landscape.


3. Ice skating & Cross-country skiing

That’s the great thing about living in the “North”, there are so many activities you can do only during winter and that actually have a great charm in a cold and snowy environment! Ice skating and cross-country skiing are just 2 examples of outdoor activities you can do in Stockholm.

What’s even better is that you can choose where you want to do so! Yes! There are a lot of parks and other natural reserve around the city, easily accessible with bus or metro, but you can also stay in the city center and go to one of the public tracks! If you have your own equipment, there is a free access to these, otherwise you can always rent skates or skies for an afternoon or the time you want!


4. Enjoy some coffee and sweets

We all know that being outside for a while in a rather cold place is not so nice and we all need a little break at some point in the day. Wo yes, just go for a Swedish fika, enjoying a warm cup of coffee (or tea) and some sweet pastries! The city is full of great places to eat or snack, in a warm and cosy environment (you can check some here).

Luckily, if you come in winter time, you will have to enjoy some of the best Swedish pasties ever! In December, get some Lusse Bullar (saffron buns), or some Semlas in January/February (bun with almond paste and whipped cream). There is no other place you will be able to find these pastries, and also because there are made only for a few weeks every year around this period. So now, there is no more excuse not to try!


5. Spend time in museums

There is a great thing about Stockholm and the culture scene… many museums have a free entrance! The good thing about it is that you can go, regardless of your age or whether you’re a student or not. There are so many different museums that you will find the one(s) which will match your interest.

And if you went to all of them or if you just cannot find anything you like in the free-entrance museums, there are also a lot of other museums you can access with an entrance fee. Out of those, you should for sure go to Vasa Museum and Fotografiska! Let me know if you want to know more about the museums in Stockholm, and I’ll share it on the blog later!!


6. Get out of the city

There is nothing better than escaping the city for a day. There are a lot of beautiful national parks and other (usually) green areas. The great thing about Stockholm, is that you are surrounded by nature. And all these areas are accessible with public transportation!

There are so many reserve or national parks you can go to, and which happen to have free entrance! If you have your own skiing or skating equipment you can also use them there. It is another way of discovering a city and just enjoy having a break from the city life!


7. Treat yourself

It is a cold and snowy winter. So yes, I get it, you want to feel cosy and warm. I mean, we all want that! So just treat yourself! There are so many different spa and/or saunas around the city. So, for sure, you’ll have the opportunity to have a bit of alone time. Especially because these are located in some of the most beautiful places around town! If you need a good address, just head towards Centralbadet. It is a famous and picturesque spa in central Stockholm. Don’t forget to book ahead if you want to enjoy a nice massage, but believe me it’s worth it (I tried!!)!


8. Enjoy being outside

Read this as enjoy the snow! Because yes, the snow will not stay forever! The parks look like snow fields and the days are much lighter will all this whiteness outside. So, of course, don’t forget to dress properly, because it is cold still, but just enjoy being outside. There is so much to see in Stockholm that you won’t have the time to get bored. And on top of it, by just walking at a normal pace, you won’t even feel the cold anymore!



⇒ And how about you, what’s your favorite thing to do during winter time? Do you have some cool tips for a winter in Stockholm? Let me know!

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