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Exploring the Canadian Wildlife & Ottawa

Exploring the Canadian Wildlife & Ottawa

Happy Sunday you guys!

This article is actually one of the last from my Canada-series. But I promise it should not disappoint! We spent the last few days of our Canada trip to Ottawa, Ontario. But on the way there, we got to enjoy one of the best attraction in this whole trip… Meeting the Canadian wildlife!

I am not the most pet-friendly person ever, that’s true. But, when it come to wildlife, I am always so impressed! We got the opportunity to stop to the beautiful Omega Park, when driving from Montreal to Ottawa. The drive is about 2 hour-long if you go straight from one city to the other. The Omega Park, still located in the Quebec province, happens to be just on the way. So overall, you don’t even need to drive extra miles to get there!

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Omega Park

The Omega park is not just some kind of a zoo. No. It is more like a safari, where you stay (warm) in your car and just drive through the different areas of the park where animals are staying. The scenery is absolutely perfect and there are so many animals – living in Canada, so don’t expect elephants and giraffes ’cause you not gonna find them!

We spent the whole afternoon there, till the park closed. We got some lunch in Montreal, and then drove towards the park. Spent few hours there and finished our way to Ottawa. So plan enough time not to rush through everything.

It is important to know that it is not cheap. But it is for sure worth going! You pay by person and not by car, just so you know. Many people also buy carrots to feed the animals, note that you are not supposed to get off your car but you can definitely open the windows to feed them. We didn’t buy carrots or other things, as we realized that everyone else’s is getting them, so at the end, in the rest areas, you will find a lot on the ground. And there you can just pick them and feed all the little bambis around you!

I believe pictures are the best way to show you how great is this place… Hope you’ll enjoy them! (Also there are some more in my Instagram story – highlight “Ottawa”).


Ottawa, ON.

Day 1

So, as you can see on the above pictures, it’s been heavily snowing during the afternoon, as well as during our drive. As many would do, we got to check in at our AirBnb and then went straight to the supermarket. The objective?! Comfort food and birthday dinner for my sister! Though, I have a weird obsession with supermarkets when I’m abroad… I love going there to see what people buy, how products are displayed and whether or not groceries are expensive. Do you also like doing that or is it just me?!

Even though I don’t have pictures for everything we did over our stay in Ottawa, I’ll try to split up the days. It is probably not fully accurate because we took a lot of time off from visiting to spend lovely quality time. But all in all, everything we did is explained right here so… Not a big deal right?! The trip was – of course/sadly – coming to an end then. And as we all live in different places we just wanted to spend time all together!

Day 2

The next morning happened to be off! No driving nor walking around as our trip was coming to an end and we needed to relax a bit too. We left the house in the afternoon to see the city before it would get dark, and trying also to locate ourselves in order to organize our next day there.

We enjoyed a nice walk in the centre, before going to see the light show on the Parliament while warming up next to this massive fountain/fire-place. After discovering the city I couldn’t resist getting a Beaver Tail to snack on, and oh god how good is this?! I mean, some fried dough and cinnamon sugar on top, how can one not like that!

Day 3

On the next day we actually got up a bit earlier and after a good breakfast, we headed towards the city and the Parliament tourism board to see if we could access the free guided visit of the Parliament, and here we went, we got tickets to the next group visit – you can choose whether you want the visit in French or English and the time you want to go, based on the availability. If you have a free half-day, I strongly recommend you go and check it out, it is free and around 2 hours long, the guides are great and very informative (all fun facts in my instagram story!), and you get to learn a lot about the country’s History.

We continued the day walking around a lot, stopped for lunch in the central market and got a Canada Cookie! Well, to be honest, it is just a sugar cookie. True, it is shaped as a maple leaf and has a red and white sugar-coating… But still, it was good! Before heading to a family dinner, we went to a light show, which is a very American thing (in my opinion). Basically, the concept there is that you drive through a park where a looooot of lights have been set up. They are in all kind of shapes and design, and all about Christmas as you can imagine. I believe there are some similar concepts in Europe. Even though, I think it would probably be in a walking area rather than a drive through!

A final word…

Ottawa is a really interesting city and even though people say there is not much to do or see there, I am not really sharing this opinion. We didn’t have a lot of time there and we really enjoyed what we saw, and we could clearly have enjoyed a couple of extra days there. Ottawa represent in a really beautiful way Canada and the heritage this country got from the French and British. Ottawa is a really bilingual city, and people are just as nice as any other Canadian we met.

I believe this sums up our Canada holidays! Therefore, I am very happy to share itineraries and things to do when discovering these beautiful cities. And, on top of this, it is so different from what I am used to in Europe! If you are interested in a more practical and “tips and tricks” article when planning a trip to Canada, please let me know!


⇒ I hope you guys enjoyed this article! If you have anything to add, tips, advice or just recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment!

⇒ And how about you? Do you like wildlife?

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