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Day trip to Uppsala, Sweden

Day trip to Uppsala, Sweden

Happy Sunday!

A couple of weekends ago we decided to go for a little excursion to Uppsala. We went there just for a day trip, and it was perfect! Uppsala is a very student city, in the North of Stockholm – about 40 minutes train ride, and happens to be the further North I’ve ever been to (#funfact). Here below more details about and some more pictures! Hope you’ll like it!

Today’s article will be a little shorter than what I usually write, but I hope it can be useful for you, whether you are travelling to Stockholm, or if you live here and don’t really know what to do on a weekend. Uppsala University is pretty well-known and prestigious, as it is also one of the oldest universities in Sweden, so this gives you a great reason to go there and just check it out!


To get there?!

It is so easy to go to Uppsala, and especially from Stockholm. There are so many trains (several per hour) and the ticket prices range from 8 to 15€. You don’t even need to book it ahead – we got hours in the metro on the way to the station. We decided to spend a Sunday there, and arrived around 11 AM. We did not stay very long as, as soon as the sun goes down, around 15:30 back in January, it tends to be very cold very fast, so we spent there around 5h, and it was enough to see everything we wanted to.

The advantage of Uppsala is that we city is rather small and so it is easy to walk from a place to another, or just along the river. We went there in January, so as you can expect it, it was all snowy, icy and generally white! But how pretty!


Keep Uppsala in mind if you are having a few extra days in Stockholm. But also if you want to do something different! Because  it is definitely a good activity! And if you happen to be in Stockholm on May 1st, you need to go celebrate it to Uppsala! This is the perfect student city, so for sure the best place to party on that day!

I hope you enjoyed this small article, and that it gave you some ideas on where to go outside Stockholm.

⇒ And let me know, which city is the further North you’ve ever been?

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