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Visiting Montreal in winter

Visiting Montreal in winter

Hi there!

I am so happy I got to share all the Canada posts and just jump back into my holidays memories! I will be sharing with you my travel itinerary to Montreal, QC., for the few days we spent there. Hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Montreal, and Canada in general, have always been my dream, and for some unknown reasons, I just wanted to go! It has been on my bucket list for quite a while, and finally, this winter, I have spent 2 amazing weeks there. I hope the pictures will do justice to this gorgeous place – let me know in the comments what you think.

Before starting, I just want to give you a short background info on how long and when we were in Montreal. We landed in Montreal in the afternoon of the 24th December, and stayed there until the 26th – we left to Québec city after lunch (more about Québec?). We then, came back to Montreal in the evening of the 30th December, and stayed over for New Years and until the morning of the 3rd January. Overall, we spent 4 full days and some half-days sprinkled here and there!

This article is split into 4 parts, the old Montreal and its Port, the Plateau area and Mont-Royal, Westmount and finally Downtown. Hope it’ll make you want to travel to Montreal!


  • Old Montreal & its Port

This is the first area we’ve been in Montreal, on Christmas morning! We were all really jet-lagged from the trip and since we woke up early, we decided to explore the Old Montreal area. This area was just a couple of metro stops away from our apartment and so it has been really easy to reach. We had our transport ticket from the previous day, and so enjoyed it to the fullest, until the last-minute of validity!

The morning we went there, was rather cold because of the wind, otherwise, there was a bright blue sky and sun shining. It is quite impressive to see the difference between the tiny old houses, right by the massive buildings. we walked towards the “Montreal Eye”, and discovered there an ice skating rink! As the weather turned out to be perfect, we walked along the water until we got really cold and decided to head back to the Old Town, and the streets leading back to the center.

After this morning walk we got some lunch, and went back to our apartment to rest. Later in the day we went to the impressive Mont-Royal, so just keep on scrolling to see more of Montreal!


  • Walking up the Mont-Royal & “Plateau” area

I think we have been up or around the Mont-Royal a couple of times during our stay in Montreal. It is the greenest area of the city. And so it seems to be the usual “Sunday afternoon walk” for locals, which is clearly understandable! No noise from the city, space for everybody, trees and natures around… And what a view when you get to the top! I really enjoyed walking there, even if everything and all possible paths were frozen!

The view-point and café gives a great overview of the city and the different districts. Then I also realized how big Montreal is! It is a rather interesting fact but, when looking at a map, the city doesn’t seem to be so large. Except that streets are long, split in North/South or East/West directions. And all straight with perfect crossing, so walking 5 blocks doesn’t seem to be such a big of a deal! But once you get up there and see the city in a more global picture… Well, you fairly quickly realise you won’t walk everywhere!

So, of course, to get there or leave the Mont-Royal we have been walking by the Plateau district, with all the murals, small colorful shops and typical houses with the very slippery outdoor stairs!

If you want to go to Mont-Royal during winter time, here is my best piece of advice, wear good shoes or shoes that have little spikes under, dress properly for winter weather and go before it gets dark! As soon as the sun goes down, first, you can’t see anything, but also, it gets really cold!




  • Streets of Westmount

Oh Westmount! The English district of the very French Montreal! This district exists for a while already and has been created by the high English-speaking society. This is the only place in the city where all signs are only in English and not in both languages! Oh and before I forget, this is also where the biggest houses in town are located!

All the houses there have a great view, either on the city, or on the very peaceful Mont-Royal! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind moving in there! How about you?



  • Downtown baby!

Downtown is the most “American” part of the city, with skyscraper all over, mall and other stores. It is honestly the perfect place for you to spend all your money! But it is also a very interesting place where you can find small houses or even churches, stuck between modern buildings. There are malls in the churches’ basements, or department stores in old buildings, refurbished with everything you need.

All the time we spent in Montreal, the weather has been cooperating, and I was impressed how the city was bright. The sun reflects on the glass/windows of skyscrapers and it doesn’t feel like you are in a “concrete jungle”. I was happily surprised by the preserved buildings. Using what has been there for many years and just re-arranging it to meet today’ society needs. Montreal, you won my heart!


For more pictures, check out my Instagram and the highlighted stories!

⇒ I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and if there is anything you’d like to add, please share in the comments!

⇒ Based on these pictures, is there an area you like the most?

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