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First time in Canada, a few days in Québec, QC.

First time in Canada, a few days in Québec, QC.

Hello friends!

How are you? Did you all survived this first week back at work? Or are you the lucky ones enjoying some extra vacation days?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve, for sure, seen that I spent my Christmas holidays in Canada! It was my very first time there and so I’ve been to Québec city, Montreal and Ottawa. For this first article, I’ll just focused on Québec and the few days I spent there with my family. Hope you’ll enjoy the reading and pictures! 🇨🇦

So I spent about 4 days in Québec city, and it was such a blast! I thought I’d split the article into the different days and hopefully there are enough pictures to illustrate what I’m talking about, and if these are making you want to travel to beautiful Québec, I’ll be happy to know!

Day 1: Montmorency Falls & First steps in Québec city

Montmorency Falls

Day 1 was basically our first full day there. We arrived in the afternoon the day before, straight from Montreal, and just settled in our AirBnb and did a bunch of groceries for the upcoming days. Nothing major happened, but we also planned the following days as I’ll you about just here.

So here we are, first morning in Québec and after a good breakfast we headed to Montmorency falls. It is a short 15 min drive from the city. We parked on the higher level of the park… And got a ticket for the funicular together with our parking entry ticket. We started off by discovering the park from the higher level, crossed the (icy) bridge and walked around, enjoying the view and the fall, half-frozen, with a bright blue sky.

I have to say that it was a rather cold day, some good -15C, but as the cold is pretty dry (when you’re not touched by the water), it is really easy to visit and walk. The sun, though, makes a difference and we couldn’t dream of a better day to visit the falls.

We continued our walk and discovery by taking the funicular to the lower lever of the park and enjoyed a tea with the view there (we also always carried tea in Thermos cup, ’cause it helps warming up). We then walked out and walked as close as we could from the fall. It was really majestic and we felt teeny tiny there!

Québec City

Following our discovery of the park, first we were hungry, and we thought it was the right time to head back to the city center. Drove back there and had a super nice lunch at “Chez Victor”, the burgers were soooo good and that’s also where we tried ‘poutine’ for the first time. I gotta say, it is a rather interesting dish….! It is not bad, but not really what I expected. If you don’t know what it is, it is basically French fries, with some cheese and a gravy sauce on top – with the sauce the cheese melts and here you go! There are a bunch of additional things you can add and after that, you’re full for the whole day haha

We then walked around the city, went to a park surrounding the city and enjoyed the view till sunset. Once the sun got down, we headed back home as it got really cold and because we were a bit tired of the day – and still a little jet lagged!




Day 2: Discovering the city under the snow

Is there a better thing than waking up under a massive snow fall during Christmas holidays? I don’t think so! And as we were hoping for some snow, Canada did not disappoint! About 20 cm, and continuous snow falling for the whole morning. So after a super long breakfast, a lot of chatting, we headed to the city to see more of it and also enjoy walking in the snow (yup, we all love it!)

We started our visit by the lower area of the city, and so walked around the district called “Petit Champlain”, which is rather touristy. Unless you come not too late in the morning are around lunch time! We saw some really nice building, and really spent our time in the city, going into stores that looked nice, and without being rushed. After having lunch, and walked outside until we were too cold to move. Then we headed to a little pub and continued our walk around the Old Market. We decided to shorten our walk there as the sun has been setting and the sidewalks were instantly freezing. We just went back to our place and played cards for a lonnng while!

Day 3: Hiking in Parc National de la Jacques Cartier

The third day in Québec was, I think, my favorite of all. We left our house in the morning and decided to go all the way to the national park of Jacques Cartier. The park is at some 30-40 min drive from the city and is really easily accessible. Even though there were some cars on the parking lot when we arrived (around 11/12), it felt like we were alone for the whole hike.

The path we took was somewhere in between easy and intermediate and we got to enjoy some of the prettiest view of the park, just us and the nature around. As it snowed the day before, the path were just good for us to enjoy without having to rent any specific equipment. I guess the picture will speak for themselves, and if you have the opportunity to go there, please do! You won’t regret it!

Day 4: Museum of Civilisation & Orléans’s Island

There is not so many pictures I can show for this last full day in Québec as I didn’t know whether or not you can take pictures in a museum, so I have just a couple, but you’ll have to trust me on that one. The museum is amazing! I like museums and visiting them, but I usually don’t like paying for them! But this one is one of the few i would pay to go back. Everything is nicely explained and it gives a really good understanding of the French and British influences in Québec region and in Canada. I cannot recommend more a museum than this one. We spent a good 2/3 hours there and could have spent at least the same amount another time to see it all!

We finished the day by going to the island of Orléans. This island is actually the one you can see from Montmorency falls. So it is located at a 20 min drive away from the city. We just drove around the southern part of the island and Ste-Pétronille area. I believe the island is so much nicer in spring or summer, but if you have not even half a day available, it is definitely worth going for a short ride!

We could not spend too much time there are we’ve had to drive back to Montreal in the evening. But we’ve enjoyed one last sunset there, and, what a pretty one!

⇒ And how about you, have you ever been to Québec? What was your favorite thing to do there?

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