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My 12-months living in Stockholm review

My 12-months living in Stockholm review


It has been one year. Already! I know the blog is slightly younger than that, but here I am. Living and working in Stockholm, Sweden, for one year! I wrote 6 months ago a first review on living in this stunning city, and all the adventures I went through during this period. I believe, no matter where you’re planning on moving, you might experience some similar feelings and so on. If you don’t know what I am talking about, or if you just want to refresh your memory, check the first edition of the review just here!

So yes, it all started late January 2018. So, I stopped the last review in July 2018, because, it was already 6 months then. Now, after another 6 months, I can look back on what happened and what I’ve accomplished or have been through over the last year. And that’s a lot.

I found writing this article super nice. On a personal level first, because I get to see all I accomplished over time, and also acknowledge the challenges I overcame. I think it is a super rewarding exercise and I bet you can also benefit from it. On a more global and public level, I hope you can help you all to prepare for your next moving adventure. Nothing is easy, but with some information it can be a little easier.

  • August

Oh August, probably one of my favourite month of the year! First because the weather was absolutely amazing and second because it was holidays time! I went back home for a week, and it felt very nice to spend a bit of time around there to chill with family and met some friends! But because one trip was not enough, after a few days back in Sweden we got to spend a few days in Warsaw, Poland! This month happened to fly by and before even realising it, it was September.

Warsaw sign red neon


  • September

September has definitely been another great summer month. Even though the days were getting shorter, it was still light, warm and so we could make a lot of plans. We got some friends visiting, a lot of nice walks and coffee or after work stops. I decided on a spontaneous trip to Copenhagen to meet my cousin, and it happened to be an amazing decision. Copenhagen is so close and easy to travel to. The city is not too big and there are a lot to see and do for a weekend trip. Some more details just here! Later in the month, we enjoyed a super nice weekend (read 4 days trip) to Helsinki, which also reminded us that fall was just around the corner and so it was getting colder!

  • October

October has been a bit more challenging on a professional level for me. I’ve been thinking a lot, considering different options and whether or not I was still happy living in Sweden. But then, the nice fall colours got to the city and Stockholm happened to be so pretty. I realised that it is very easy to feel down when living out of your home country. Sometimes discussions can sound very dramatic and dark. So I’ve been trying to enjoy this fall, being outside as much as possible and just enjoy the beauty of the city. In addition, there is so much to do in Stockholm. The city is often buzzing with million activities or store openings for instance. And so after all of this thinking period, guess what – I’m still in Stockholm! Yay!


  • November

Oh November… for sure my least favourite month of the year. For some reasons, I really dislike November. It is cold, dark and rainy. On top of which, not much is happening because Christmas funtivities did not start yet. So this year, I’ve been very sceptical about how this month would go. To my surprise, it actually started greatly! Some friends came to visit (I love when friends are coming over, in case you didn’t know). Later on, I discovered that I had to take quite a lot of days off before the end of the year. Mainly because I did not really take much holidays throughout the year. I then decided that I would enjoyed almost all my Fridays off!

Actually, November has been a busy month, and mainly because I wanted to finish the Swedish classes. So I focused on this and went through my last Swedish exam. As you can imagine, it has been a quite challenging time. I’ll try to write soon about my Swedish learning experience if you’re interested!


  • December

December is so festive, and once again, did not disappoint! A lot of work, Fridays off and also a lot of cooking! I started to think about my new year’s resolutions, and also trying to have a new routine, with meditation, yoga and a better self-care. And that’s what I tried to focus on the most lastly. Just trying to listen better to myself and my feelings – and that’s not an easy job!

Then, I also started to look a bit into my holidays and what to do. I planned on meeting my family in Paris, spend a night there and then fly all together to Canada! I am just now starting to share these articles on the blog, so I hope you will enjoy them! Check out the first one about Québec city! I have to say that I was very excited for these vacations! Of course, I started to miss my family a little more, and I think it was just time to get together again!


  • January

Happy New Year friends! I have been less active on social media during December and the holidays so as soon as I was back to Sweden, I started to put a lot of new pictures on Instagram, and started again to write for the blog, focus on sharing this amazing Canadian experience, and before even knowing it, it is the end of January, I realized when starting to write this article that it was already one year in my job, one year in Stockholm, and one year living in our cosy apartment! How crazy! I really feel like these last months have been going so/too fast. This will for sure be my main focus for this year: not rushing through things anymore.

So now we are looking into trips, places to go to for a weekend and discovering new countries and cities. But it also means, discovering other regions in Sweden, and keeping on learning Swedish. Unlike last year, I want to have bigger projects for this year. I think that after one year here in Stockholm, I got used to my new life. But also, the new routine and just living here, so now I feel it is the right time for new discoveries and cool projects. I start this year with high hopes and good expectations for the future!



⇒ Please let me know in the comments if you got to experience similar things when living abroad? Or, what were your biggest challenges?


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