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Starting my New Year’s resolutions in December

Starting my New Year’s resolutions in December

Hello friends!

How’s everything?! Hope you’ve had a nice weekend, and great time with your loved ones. Today I wanted to share with you some of my New Year’s resolutions, and also why I am starting them in December, and not at the actual beginning of 2019.

When starting to think about resolutions, I like to look back on this year. I’d just identify the moments of joy, pride or stress and just trying to remember how I felt back then. For the last year, I’ve been writing reviews like this, and that helps to remember what happens along the year. The reason for this, is mainly because I believe resolutions should have a meaning. What is the point of changing your habits if it does not make you feel better? Unfortunately society will not give a round of applause for your efforts. If I give time and dedicate myself to something, it has to be worth it. I need an objective, and most importantly, I need to ultimately feel better. Otherwise, why having resolutions, right?!

So for this upcoming year, I have a few different projects (including for the blog!) that are really important to me. I already know now that I will spend quite some time working on. This means that I’ll need to be fully ‘operational’ and so, I’d need to feel good and being in a positive mindset. Reducing stress levels, and avoid the extreme stress I experienced this year, is clearly my priority. ‘Cause that was no fun!

2019 Action Points

Regular training

Since I moved to Stockholm, almost a year ago, I almost stopped practicing physical activities. Although I don’t need or want to lose weight, I just want to feel good. Being tired for a good reason and just feel good in my body (also, if I train properly and consistently, then I can bake more often – win win!).

Yoga & meditation more often

When stressed, I feel like yoga and meditation as well as breathing exercises have been a real help for me. I get out of some situations easily, but the new trick here will be to start early. It is never ‘too late’ in a way, but as soon as you start, the better and sooner I’ll feel better – right?!

Read more

I really like reading and I usually read when travelling or when no internet is accessible. And that’s a shame, because reading is so nice (if you’re into it), both online and with actual books. Just for learning new things, writing better, increase your vocabulary or just relaxing! But there is another reason behind reading more. I spend the whole day on computer or with screens around me for work or even when travelling. Yes, you can guess how tired eyes are from all of this… So, reading more is important for me, and hopefully it can be for you too!

Dedicating time for thing and people I care about

I realized this year how easy it is to get lost in my own schedule. Planning a lot of things but not having the time to finish them, or doing things without being really focused on doing them properly. Meeting friends but having your mind elsewhere because just life happens and there are million things to think at the same time. So yes, even if it looks a bit weird, I’m not scared to now write in my calendar “me time”, “work 2h on the XX project”, etc.

Learn Swedish

This is the last thing of my list of resolutions, but it is also one of the most important. I don’t need to speak perfect Swedish in my job nor in daily things as everyone speaks perfect English. I have a basic level, where I can understand what people are telling me but it is pretty much it, and clearly, not good enough to be integrated. So, even if I don’t like this, I’ll spend the necessary time to master the language!

A final word,

I know that there are only 5 things on my resolution list, but you know what, I want to be able to achieve them. I want to look back at this article in a year and have these things as my daily routines and not as things that I do once in a while. So, I agree, it is small, but at least it is accessible!

I decided to start a little earlier than 2019, and the reason simple. I have a few more days off from work, and so I can slowly implement these changes in my daily routines. Just seeing how I do before the holidays, and how fast the benefits of these will be coming. Then, I want to start before the holidays because it will be a lot of travelling and spending time with friends and family. So, I just want to be able to have some kind of a little routine before all of the holiday season!

I hope you liked this article, and that it can give you some ideas on what to put on your resolution list for 2019!

⇒ And you, what are your resolutions? When do you start them?

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