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My favorite Christmas traditions

My favorite Christmas traditions

Hello everyone and welcome back!

This week is a bit special as this article will be the last one for this year…! How crazy time has been flying by?! And as the snow kept on falling here in Stockholm, and because Christmas is just around the corner, what a better article than a Christmas related one?!

So yes, as many people there are a few things that I absolutely love doing during Christmas time (read as: from December 1st) and I thought I’d share them with you because sharing is caring! And if you want to read more about Christmas things, just click here!

  • Decorating the Christmas tree,

Getting the tree and decorating it, for sure it’s the first thing on the list! But also decorating the house with nice lights and colours, making every corner of the house looking magical and cosy. It is even nicer knowing that it is really dark in Sweden. All these Christmas-y atmosphere are making everything so cosy!


  • Baking,

Baking, cooking, and everything else related to make something of my own! And can we talk about the great smell and warmth in the house?! Around this time of the year, I love dedicating more time for it, and sharing a nice lunch or dinner with friends and family. I believe we all somehow recreate things we saw at home, so this is what matters the most for me. Christmas is all about sharing, caring and loving. And I believe food is great for that, so here I am, in my kitchen non-stop (and I love it!).


  • Watching the snow falling,

Mostly from inside – I need to precise! But honestly, I am not from a place where is snows a lot so by living in Sweden, and especially these days, I get to enjoy the snow falls a lot! Also, everything is so much lighter outside! And it is pretty! But can we agree that snow falls, warm comfy blanket and Christmas tea is the best combo? Let me know in the comments your thoughts about that!


  • Christmas movies everyday,

I know these movies are cheesy and we know how it’s gonna end within the first 5 seconds of the movie, but is that a problem? There are another 11 months to watch normal movies, so yes, let’s all enjoy some nice Christmas movies in December! I feel like Christmas movies are not cheesy for nothing though, it just brings people/families together and you get to spend time with your loved ones, so at the end, it’s a pretty good excuse to spend time together!

  • Wrapping gifts,

Wrapping gifts is the last step of the process, but such a nice one! I like to spend time thinking about what would my loved ones want for Christmas and how I can make them happy. Giving a present, letter, or just sending a “Best Wishes” card is one of my all time favourites. Especially because I know it will (hopefully) put a smile on someone’s face!

Presents wrapped for Christmas



So here is my top 5 favorite things to do over Christmas time and honestly the sooner I start, the happiest I am!

Also, I shared on Facebook that this article will be the last one for this year, I will be away for the holidays, spending time with my family and so I want to fully enjoy these precious moments. I believe you will do the same and so we can meet again in January! (Stay tuned for a lot of travel articles!)

May you all have a lovely Christmas holiday, all the best for 2019, and hopefully we meet again in 2 weeks! Cheers! xx

⇒ And how about you, what are your favorite things to do around Christmas?

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