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Must-See in Stockholm, Sweden

Must-See in Stockholm, Sweden

Hej hej fellow travellers!

Have you ever thought of visiting a city as a local? Because we believe it is nicest way to discover a city and go off the beaten paths! So, no matter how long you are planning on staying in Stockholm, here are some of the must-see attractions, viewpoints and other places to stop by.

Every time I travel, I want to see the main attractions in a city, all the reasons why this city or country is famous and recognized for, and so when planning a trip, it can be rough to locate, read all about the main attractions, and of course see them all.

If you are spending a week in Stockholm, you will have plenty of time for it, but if you spend just a weekend here, then it can be tricky – so here are the things I believe you should not miss when traveling to Stockholm.

Of course the below list is quite extensive (yes 10 things/districts), and are my favorite areas to take my friends when they come over for a visit. You don’t have to see them all,  but if you need a little inspiration, here you go!

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Gamla Stan

It literally means, the old town, so you know what to expect. It is a very picturesque island in the city and has in my opinion the nicest streets and hidden places. The one things that is less nice, is the amount of tourists wandering around – however, if you go away from the main street, like take the parallel one, there will be no one and no souvenir shops. Here below is a list of attractions to see in this area:

  • Stortorget (main square),
  • The Royal Palace and Church (facing each other),
  • The change of guards,
  • The water front,
  • The German Church.


Rådhuset, is the city hall, located in the center (on Kungsholmen island), and just by the water, it is one of my favorite place in the city. For two reasons: 1. you can climb up the tower and this is the best view of the city center, 2. the location is amazing, giving a great view on Södermalm and Riddarholmen. It is easily accessible, the ticket to go up the tower is rather cheap, but there are quite a lot of people going there.


Kungsträdgården is a large area in the city centre, where there is almost always something happening, a food or music festival, some sport demonstrations or anything else! It is also an important crossing in the city, so you’ll probably walk by at some point, all districts are linked by this place, as well as many stores or shopping streets. If you want to eat in the area, I recommend going few streets away for better places. If you are there are in Stockholm around April/May you can enjoy the amazing cherry blossoms, or if you come around winter time, there are a lot of Christmas decorations as well as an ice-skating ring (accessible for free if you have your skates)!

Take the ferry from Slussen to Djurgården

This is quite a thing in the summer but not that much after peak season passed. And that’s a shame because, with a SL card (local transportation) you don’t pay anything extra to take the ferry, it is really fast to go from an island to another and you get a great view from the water. It is really nice and another way to visit the city. The pictures might speak for themselves, so here they are!

view from ferry in Stockholm


Djurgården is the greenest island in Stockholm, where you’ll find a lot of parks, garden, museums and entertainment parks. I enjoy walks around this island, loosing myself there because once you leave the main roads, you are easily alone in the nature, close to the water and other animals or gardens. I really recommend a walk there, along the water because it gives another perspective to the city and shows how quiet and pretty it is, while the buildings are just steps away.

Sunset in Stockholm Djurgarden island


Visit the TV Tower! It is apparently not a touristy place to go, but guess what, you get a gorgeous view on the archipelago, Djurgården, Lindigö or the large Östermalm’s parks. It is somehow not a very popular sight – maybe because of the 70 SEK entrance fee – but the view is worth the price, there is a café/restaurant up there and a very nice view. If you go around there I recommend walking around the surrounding parks as it is very peaceful, and usually empty compared to the buzzing city!

The City Library

Whether you like books or not, it is one of my must-see place in Stockholm. The architecture is like no other and the amount of books is rather impressive! The entrance is free and the opening hours long enough, however it tends to be closed for public holidays, os just check on their website before! The library is located in the Vasastan area, at the crossing between Odengatan and Sveavägen, which are some of the largest streets in the city – basically you cannot miss it!

Inside Stockholm public library


The hipster island, the place where there are so many cute café, cheap bars and a party spirit! This is a super nice area for vintage shopping and other historical hunts with nice and colorful buildings. And as it is an island, well, you have some pretty sea views all over! The island is quite large, so I gathered here some of my favorite things (I might write a more precise article about it soon, so just be patient for more Södermalm!):

  • Greasy Spoon (food lovers, this is a place for you – and also because of breakfast all day everyday! YAY),
  • Mariahissen and Monteliusvägen for the view and great architecture,
  • Eriks Gondolen – the platform, accessible via the paved streets,
  • Fotografiska, for sure my favorite museum in the city,
  • Hornstull, chilled and hipster area with a lot of nice food!

Strandvägen & Östermalm Saluhall

Östermalm is a very fancy area, and not my favorite to visit, except of 2 places that I particularly like: Strandvägen, a large avenue on the quays with a lot of boats and bars in the summer. It is usually crowded but the sunsets from there are really pretty – it is worth a walk and probably also a drink on the terrace!

There is also the saluhall, understand it as the covered market, and if you come there around lunch time there is plenty of kiosk from where you can get some yummy and fresh food. When travelling, I like going to marketplaces as it represents the culture and gives a lot of insights on what people normally eat, what is traditional and what are the seasonal veggies and fruits. This market is very well organised and typical Swedish food at every corners!


If you thought Gamla Stan was small, then I got even smaller for you! Yes I promise it exists, and it is such a pretty place. Riddarholmen, is an island that I like maybe a little more than others, the view from there is absolutely perfect and I think this is also the area with one of the nicest sunsets I’ve witnessed. This area is highly recognizable by its church with the see-through roof.


If you need some ideas of great things to do in Stockholm during winter time, have a look here. And if you need even more ideas, check this out.

⇒ I hope this article has been useful and can help when planning your trip to our beautiful city! If you have any recommendation, feel free to let me know in the comments!

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