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6 nice restaurants you should try in Stockholm

6 nice restaurants you should try in Stockholm

Good morninnnnng!

Anyone else loving food out here?

Great, cause, lately I’ve been trying different places around Stockholm, and so I wanted to share over here some of the ones I liked the most. There is a bit of everything, in different areas of the city and for all types of diets.

Note: you may want a cookie when reading this because a lot of pictures are coming!

To be honest, I could be eating and cooking (read as: baking) all day, because yes, I love food. And now that the coldness is starting, there is no better feeling that having a warm house with some yummy smells of food. But as many people, I get bored fairly easily of a dish and going to various places gives me either inspiration, or I can eat things that I don’t know how to make, basically it is a win-win situation!

I cannot rank these places as they don’t all serve the same things, nor have a similar atmosphere, but believe me, if you go there, you won’t be disappointed!


The STHLM Brunch Club

One of the trendy brunch places in Stockholm, and to be honest the food is really good! The service is amazing and so that’s why there is always a queue to get in! But guess what, if you’re waiting in the line, you get free coffee! The restaurant is really cosy with tables to share with others or just for yourself, that’s all up to you. There is a lot of options in the menu and everything looks really nice (the salmon-avocado bagel is just amazing btw!). I guess the following pictures will just be talking for themselves!

AddressDalagatan 24, 113 24 Stockholm.

table of food at Stockholm brunch club

Greasy Spoon

Annnnnd another one of the cool brunch places! This one has a more British atmosphere and the service is so good (British accent on point), the menu is not any larger or smaller than any other place and I believe there is everything you can dream of!

I don’t have any picture of the place, nor the food (this is what happens when you’re hungry!) but the things I tried and would for sure recommend are the pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream, pancakes with bacon and full English breakfast. They have a lot of tea, coffee and other beverage options so you’ll be safe no worries!

AddressTjärhovsgatan 19, 116 28 Stockholm / Hagagatan 4, 113 48 Stockholm.


Meatballs for the people

The one and only! The place to go in Stockholm and the place where you can enjoy traditional Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes. You get to choose between 3 options (including the traditional ones), and you also have alternatives depending on your diet/allergies. The place is not too big and there is often a queue, just for your information. The price is really reasonable the food is really good, so this might just be your happy place!

AddressNytorgsgatan 30, 116 40 Stockholm.

Vietnam Garden

If you are looking for a good Asian restaurant, you can definitely go there. The place is quite big so you don’t even need to book a table before. There are a lot of options to choose from, with most of the traditional asian dishes. I personally loved their Pho – traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, and the spring rolls. The portions are quite large, but as a side note, there is no alcohol (only the Swedish light beers) served.

Address: Upplandsgatan 51, 113 28 Stockholm.


Vietnamese food pho soup Stockholm

Noodles House

It looks very fancy and rather small from the outside. The service is really good and the food is sooooo tasty! This is for sure another Asian restaurant you can go and won’t be disappointed. The menu is not really extensive, but for sure, you’ll find something that you like. The waitress have excellent advice if you don’t know what to choose or depending on allergies and diets. I haven’t been there on a busy day, but you choose definitely book a table if you are planning on eating there on a Friday or Saturday night.

Address: Götgatan 62, 118 26 Stockholm.


Pho soup in Stockholm


If I have to choose, I usually wouldn’t go for a chain restaurant. But here, my friends, the food is really good! The concept of the restaurant is that you are your own waiter and do everything through their app. You choose what you want to eat, and you get it yourself, including drinks, but it is quite nice because you also get to order whenever you want something else. These tapas are really tasty and it is a great place to go with friends or family. As a tip, I think it is better to order a bit at the time but several times, because if you get a lot at once, it tends to get cold very fast (but don’t worry, you wont wait more that 10/15 min to get the next round!).

Address: Norrlandsgatan 33, 111 43 Stockholm. (one of many!)


Table of food at Pinchos Stockholm

So here are 6 places I’ve recently been and that I would blindly recommend! There is usually enough on the menu for you to choose from, no matter if you have dietary requirements or not, and the service in all these places has been very good!

⇒ I hope you enjoyed this article and if there are some places you want me to try, let me know in the comments!

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