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The irrational fears when living abroad

Hello lovelies!

Today is dedicated to irrational fears, and especially the ones I’m experiencing while living abroad. Probably, most of them would have never happened to me if I would still be living in France! I’m also interested in knowing what are your irrational fears, whether you live abroad or not!

Before moving, I remember when I was chatting with friends and family. Telling them, what a great adventure my moving could be… I thought it would all be easy as I was still gonna be living in Europe. That’s what I thought, and that’s clearly not what I am experiencing! I believe we all went through the same stages, and when you think you’re all good and set, then something new happens! Can you relate?

As many people, I have some irrational fears. I wanted to share this with you as I believe we are all the same and we do experience similar situations no matter where we live.

The Phone

I wanted to start by talking about the phone. This little innocent device that sometimes brings up panic! I am always a bit anxious when I see an unidentified number calling me. What do I do now? Should I pick up or not?! Here is when the irrational part comes in. In Sweden, luckily for me, almost everybody speaks perfect English and I know nothing bad would happen when picking up the phone. But I still – after 2 years – feel intimated to ask for English when the person asked a 5 minutes long question in Swedish…

Going to the Doctor

Another thing that I was – or probably still am – afraid of, is going to the doctor! As ridiculous as it sounds. Going to the doctor in your home country is easy as your are used to a system, language or way of doing things. It is comfortable to explain a situation, a pain or a feeling in your native language. But when living abroad… This is another story! First because, I am not as much as ease explaining symptoms in English, and also because on the other side, English is not the native language either! All in all, I had to go to the doctor, and I talked about this adventure, just here!

The lost luggage

Another fear developed with time and moving abroad, is simply loosing my luggage when traveling. Can you relate to this situation when you arrive to a new place, but your bag did not?! This is my biggest fear when travelling, and even though I know that the bag will make it within a few hours or days, I cannot get it out of my head. Thankfully, this never happened. Yet at least. From all my travel experiences, I did not test this one….

Understanding mails

The last thing I am a little nervous about is, not understanding the mail I receive. Especially for the official ones, where there could be consequences if not answered correctly. Even though there are many great translator, it is always a bit of pressure when opening the mail box! Luckily, I am working on my Swedish, and taking the course to feel more confident, but there is always the part of you that remembers you are not fluent! I also, sometimes, bring important mails to the office and ask my colleagues for help… Once in a while, of course.

Stockholm from the city hall

I think, these are the things I’m a bit scared or anxious about and while living here in Sweden. As many irrational fears, it does sound silly, but isn’t it the meaning of irrational fears?! And because I know these are completely irrational, I want to fight them!

⇒ And how about you, do you also have irrational fears?

⇒ If you’ve had irrational fears when living abroad, how did you fight them?

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