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Who doesn’t have a bunch of irrational fears?

Hello lovelies!

Today is dedicated to irrational fears, and especially the ones I’m experiencing while living abroad, and which would probably never be happening if I would be living in France! Keep on scrolling if you wanna know more, and let me know in the comments, what are your irrational fears!

Remember before relocating, when you were chatting with friends and family and saying how much of a great adventure your moving would be? I believe we all went through the same stages, and then when you think you’re all good and set, then somebody calls you annnnd “what do I do now? Should I pick up or not?”…

So, as you can guess, I have a bunch of irrational fears, and picking up the phone from an unidentified local number is one of them! Even though (nearly) everybody speaks perfect English, it is always very intimidating to say “oh sorry, but do you mind speaking English?” when this person spoke only Swedish for a good 5 min…

Another thing that I was – or probably still am – afraid of, is going to the doctor! As stupid as it sounds, but going to the doctor in your home country might be one of the easiest thing but when you’re abroad, you need to learn all about the system, and also being able to explain what’s happening to you… Not always easy! But I already talked about this experience, so you can read more just here.

Onto the next thing! Another fear developed with time and moving abroad, is simply loosing my luggage when traveling, you know the situation when you arrive to destination, but your bag not?! Well, that’s what I’m scared of, but thankfully, it never happened so far!

The last thing I am a little nervous about is when receiving mails, especially the ones that seems official. Because even though there are some great translator out there, I’m always worried that I’ll miss part of what is written. And bringing all your mails to your colleagues and ask for translation is not always the most comfortable situation..!

So I think that these are the things I’m a bit scared of, while living here in Sweden. As many irrational fears, it does sound silly, and if you think that, I quite agree with you. And because I know these are completely irrational, I want to fight them – so maybe soon-is another article will come with solutions to these fear!

⇒ And how about you, do you also have irrational fears?

⇒ If you’ve had irrational fears when living abroad, how did you fight them?

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