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Fall favorites in Sweden 🍁

Fall favorites in Sweden 🍁

Hello there!

Happy Sunday y’all! For this week, I wanted to share with you my 10 favourite things I like the most during this fall. Fall used to be one of my favourite season, but since I moved to Sweden, well, I like it a little less! The reason why, is mainly the weather (surprise surprise!). Here the fall is super cold and feels more like an early winter rather than a late summer. However, the colours are still amazing!

1. Going to work early enough to enjoy the sunrise.

This is one of the thing that I like when working for a Swedish company. You get to enjoy flexible working hours and so, you can decide when to come and go as long as you’re working the required amount of hours. So, I like going to work early, and because the amount of day light is shrinking, I get to watch sunrise every morning on my way to work, and honestly it’s pretty amazing!

2. Getting out all the warm and comfy sweaters.

As much as I love summer time and getting dressed with the most colourful pieces of clothing, I kinda missed my warm sweaters and other dresses or warmer clothes. I have some kind of a hate-love relationship with winter outfits: after 6 or 7 months of cold and disgusting weather, I truly hate them and can’t wait to put them aside, but as soon as summer is over, I miss them! Does it sound weird?

lake view in autumn in Sweden

3. Soup season is officially opened!

Oh soup, beloved soup! The one thing I can cook for like 20 people at once but eat it all day long for a week, without getting sick. Soup is amazing, good and healthy. I love making it, throwing in all my favourite veggies and make it different every time. Not much else to add to this, but it is very different from cold summer soup, and so, it puts me in this nice wintery mood.

4. Baking gingerbread and other spicy cookies is acceptable again.

If you’re new on my blog, here is a fun fact about me, I love baking and watching my cookies being cooked in the oven – more fun facts here. And gingerbread is so lovely! But don’t you think it is weird to bake and decorate a little ginger-man when it is 25 outside? So now, it is cold-ish and so my army of ginger-biscuit-guys will be back! YAY!

Grapefruit pie on coffee table

5. Pumpkins all over the place!

Did you guys know how much I love pumpkins?! For food, drinks or Halloween decorations, I mean pumpkins are good and cool, so why not enjoying them while it is the perfect season?!

6. Long afternoon walks in the nature

The good thing about fall is that it isn’t too cold yet, and so when the sun is shining, there is nothing better than enjoying a long walk in the city, park or close by nature. Stockholm is a very green city and so it would be a shame not to enjoy the surrounding areas. Early autumn the colours are so nice that I’d brave the chilly wind to walk in the middle of red, orange and yellow leaves.

Autumn in Stockholm

7. … And a warm rewarding tea (in a cute café).

Let’s not be picky, but tea, coffee, pumpkin latte or any other beverage is always a nice thing to look forward after a walk. And if the coffee shop is too full then a good take away beverage will do! It is also perfect if you spot a nice café on Instagram, you can just walk in the same area and get to try it later on, how perfect!

8. Planning winter break.

To be honest, holidays is one of my main motivation for work and so when fall comes it makes the Christmas plans more concrete and real than they’ve ever been! And it is also the perfect time to get travel guides (I may or may not want to start a collection), look into things to do and create some more Pinterest boards!

9. Being cosy at home.

That’s one of my favourite thing when fall comes, and so rainy weekend are around the corner. Just staying home, under a warm blanket, with a (read “some”)  hot tea, and some cool videos to watch or a good book. Because yes, sometimes, doing nothing is pretty cool!

Red and Yellow buildings in Sodermalm

10. Christmas is getting closer.

I know that there are still a couple of months till Christmas but soon stores will be decorated and it will finally be acceptable to play Christmas songs! And if Christmas is getting closer, so does my birthday, and that’s sooo exciting!

⇒ And how about you, what is your all-time fall favourite?

⇒ If you want to get my favourite autumn-winter recipes, let me know and it could be arranged!

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