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Missing France: my cure to homesickness?

Missing France: my cure to homesickness?

Hello friends!

I hope you are all well on this lovely Sunday! Living abroad is for sure one of the best experiences one can live, and clearly it brings a lot. But not everything is always smooth or pleasing, and family is not always around. I believe that one gets used to live far away from its family, however, there are always times, when family would be welcomed to live next door.

As I am not a superhuman (yet!), I also miss my family, home, or some places back home. So, maybe because sometimes you feel the same, I thought I’d share with you the things I do when homesickness kicks in. There are 6 things that are part of my “routine” when I feel like home is too far, and you can find them below! Of course, not all situations are the same, and sometimes other items are part of the list… I mean, you understood my point, but I think the following is a good foundation to the homesickness cure!

1. Let it out

Yes, be sad, cry, call at home and everything like this. Because what’s the point of being sad all the time? Be sad, yes of course, but not too long. Because it might be dark outside, cold or rainy and so not much is needed to bring your mood down, so let’s not add the homesickness on top of it. But believe me, letting it all out is the best to then start on a new basis.

2. Create some deadlines

Just for yourself, or with your family and friends back home. Plan a trip back, once or twice a year (or more of course!) and then you have something to look forward to. It does help me a lot, and going home is always a good thing right?!

3. Cook, bake something that reminds you of home

Ok, it is true, I don’t need to be homesick to bake something, but I’d say that if I miss home, I tend to cook or bake more French things, or go to a store to buy some French pastries. It is something that I like and in my house, food and meal times are very important to us, so I believe I also identify happiness to food!

ratatouille and pasta


4. Change your mind,

When feeling home sick, I like going for a walk, or coffee. I don’t necessarily need to meet friends, but I like to get out of the house. Of course when meeting friends you can talk about million other things than what bother you, which is also a good thing. When going for a walk, I like taking my camera and so I’d focus on getting the right shots, and it is something that I focus on, which makes me forget for a while the homesickness.

coffee in a park in autumn


5. Do the things that you are comfortable with,

For me it is reading a book or watching TV shows in French. While most of what I watch is in English, there is nothing better than a French TV show to cheer you up! I tend to be more into French books as it is for me, the ultimate relaxing activity. Stockholm has a lot of libraries, including an international one, from where you can borrow books in the language you want.

6. Be optimistic.

Being optimistic is something that I am trying to implement in my daily life. And it already brought me a lot. Being all the time optimistic is hard, because there will always be stress or unplanned things to come bother you, but I am trying to find the positive aspect of things no matter what happens. I believe there is positivity in everything, you just need to look for it!

this is us - fall edition


⇒ So here are the things I do when I feel homesick, what’s your cure?

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