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The reasons why I moved abroad

The reasons why I moved abroad


When I travel back home and say that I live in Stockholm, I often get the question “but why”? So if you are also wondering “why did you decide to live abroad”, just keep on reading because you might find the reason(s) just below! These reasons are, of course, very personal. And this whole living abroad experience has been possible as I knew I had (and still have) my family’ support.

The reasons why I moved abroad

It is a great challenge

It was definitely the best way to get out of my comfort zone! You know, even if you study across the country, you are still living in your home country. This means that the language is the same and the habits too. This challenge, was for me, a way to go somewhere where I did not know anyone, or nothing about this culture…

paragliding Ystad Sweden

I had the opportunity

It was, for sure, one of the main factors. I was graduating with my Bachelor and didn’t have any proper or set plans on what to do next. Then, I happen to apply in Lund University for my master and this is how it all got started. I believe we all have something that gives us this extra push needed. Studying in Sweden happened to be the push!


I’m young!

I am now 22. And when I decided to move abroad, I did not need to convince anyone to follow me. I always thought that living abroad is easier while being young. In fact, moving when you are alone is rather easy, you don’t have to think about anyone else than yourself. I left all by myself to Sweden. It is true that it is not too far from home. But still, it is not home!

Portrait sunny Sweden stockholm

There is no similar experience

Living abroad doesn’t start from the day you move in your new apartment. It even start before you start packing your suitcase! For me, it felt real when I got my admission letter from the university. Before this, and after applying nothing was sure, and I didn’t want to have my hopes too high. But after a few weeks, once the email arrived, what a great surprise! From then the journey was on. Everyday is a new experience, everyday is different and pushes you to achieve more. I would have probably feel a similar way back home but while abroad, the rewards are even greater.

Wind mile in south sweden


I lived abroad before Sweden

Before moving to Sweden, I studied away from home. It happened to far enough so that I couldn’t come home for the weekend. I need to admit that it was a good training for living abroad! After this I decided to do all my internships in Milan, Italy, before flying to my exchange semester in…. China!

A thought through project

This is not something that I decided in one day. It took me a long time, hours, days and weeks from the time I sent my application to the university. And then, more thoughts from the moment I stepped on the plane and travelled towards my new life and home. It is a big project, but for sure worth it!


yellow carrousel Stockholm

6 (main) reasons might not seem to be a lot. But honestly, it’s been enough for me to pack my backpack and suitcase and just hop on this adventure! So far, I don’t regret anything about it. Of course, there are things I would have done differently, but that also comes with the experience and time being abroad. If you doubt and are not sure of what to do next, maybe just take a one way ticket to…. Anywhere!

⇒ And how about you? Did you move abroad? How was your experience?

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