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The 5 things I don’t like about Sweden

The 5 things I don’t like about Sweden

Helloooo friends!

So as you might have seen on the blog, there are so many things I love about Sweden and about living abroad. Truly love almost everything about living in Sweden, though, there are 5 things I really dislike. To find out, just keep on reading!

I bet some of the following things are applicable to other countries or experience, and also depends on who you are and where you come from.

things I dislike in Sweden

Paying everything with by card

I wish I could pay my 2€ ice cream with just a coin! Of course it is possible – sometimes, but the majority of stores in Sweden accept either only credit cards, or would just encourage you to pay by card. Easy, yes! But when you grow up saving coins/notes to pay some small things with, it is a habit that you keep!

Long winters

I think you could have guessed this by all the things I mentioned in various blog posts, I don’t like winter. I don’t like the cold and I don’t like the winter darkness. And in Sweden, winters are long, very lonnng. But to survive them, I wrote this guide, and that’s a good help!

Frozen lake in central stockholm

System Bolaget

As many would say, it is amazing because you find all kind of alcohol in one place. Probably yes. But, here is why I dislike it:

  • Why do you need to go to at least 2 store for your weekly groceries?!
  • The opening hours, till 19 on week days and 15 on Saturday – and closed on Sunday.
  • It is expensive! It is a state-owned store, which means high taxes.
  • There are no cold drinks. So if you want to just grab a beer (or something else) for the way, then you’ll have to drink it warm!
  • In smaller cities, there are very limited number of stores (no worries, if you move to Stockholm, you’re safe!)

system bolaget illustration

Learning Swedish

That’s a confession from me to you. I love learning languages, truly. But I hateeee learning Swedish. We are going to Swedish classes (SFI) twice a week for a few hours, but still, it feels like I cannot say anything and even worse, I understand nothing. It is very frustrating and I never experienced it in previous language learning processes. As a result, I am not in the best mood when it comes to going to Swedish class. More about it just here!

Snowy path in Stockholm City center

Not having Swedish friends

– As a foreigner – It is very hard to have friends who are Swedish. You can have a lot of acquaintances but, real friends, no. Or at least it takes time, a lot of time. After over 2 years in Sweden, including the past 8 months being in Stockholm and working here, none of our friends are Swedes. They’re from everywhere else but Sweden, and that’s a bit of a shame, cause we are “stuck” in this non-swedish environment.

So here are the 5 things that I dislike about Sweden. I don’t think it would make me move to another country (at least for now), but these are the little things I’d love to either improve or work on to make my life a little nicer everyday!

⇒ I hope you guys enjoyed this article and if there is anything you wish to add please feel free to share in the comments! And what about you? Can you relate to these?

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