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4 of my favorite cafés in Stockholm

4 of my favorite cafés in Stockholm

Happy Sunday friends!

I don’t know how you feel lately but since fall is getting closer (I think it’s already here) I am back to searching for the favorite café/fika place here in Stockholm. As soon as the weather is a little greyer and colder, I feel like the whole city is rushing into cafés! So for this article I am showing you 4 of my absolute favorite places in Stockholm!

Why 4 you may ask? I know 4 is very little compared to the number of cafés in the city. But before writing about a place I want to go there and try it, take some pictures and have time to compare it with other places. Also I have a full-time office job, so I cannot (unfortunately) spend all day everyday in cafés!

What is fika? Fika is just like our French “goûter”, which is an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee/tea. These afternoon snacks are pretty nice, especially if you’re like me and love all kind of pastries! So fika is basically the perfect occasion to meet up with friends or family around a cup of coffee and all kind of pasties (buns!!).

However, there is one thing I need to mention. I am a tea lover, I drink tea all day long and I just love it! The thing is that Swedes are more coffee lovers, and so finding a good selection of teas in a coffee shop can be challenging (and usually pricy). So if you’re ready, let move on the bets cafés in town!

1. Café Pascal

Great location, outdoor seating and very friendly staff. All you need right! There is a pretty large choice in the pastries offered, which taste amazing, and the indoor area has a lot of seats. This café is located right in Odenplan district, close by the gorgeous city library.

The big minus: it is expensive, and to be honest I didn’t know they would charge (on top) for lactose-free milk for my café latte…

coffees and food from café pascal


2. Johan & Nyström

Super friendly staff, right in the center and perfect to work or study! The coffee selection is impressive and the staff is ready to explain all the differences and choices they have. It is also one of the rare places offering a large tea selection (thank you!). The café has different locations, but the one I’ve been to is right by Kungsträdgården, they have a little terrace, and great accessibility.

The minus about this place: very little snacks or pastries offered to eat with your coffee.

Hot drinks at Johan & Nystrom

3. Mr Cake

Probably my favorite, just because they have this amazing sugar-vanilla bun! The staff is amazing, there is a large terrace and indoor area, very family friendly. All the pastries are amazing, which makes the choice super hard, fresh pancakes are served as well as brunches. On top of this, it is one of these rare places which is opened until 6pm on Sunday!

The minus: it is one of these very trendy place (which is deserved), so there is always a very long queue. The best is to come either before or after peak hours.

coffee and bun from mr cake


4. Sophies Canelés

All frenchies in Stockholm know about Sophies Canelés! It is super nice and it feels just like home. The food is amazing (below picture of the brunch we got there), there are so many pastries, and they are also opened for lunch, and after-works! There is honestly so much to try, but the salmon burger-sandwich is our all time favorite!

The minus: the outside seating is just by the big road, but of course, not much you can do about it!

brunch at sophies canelés French


I hope this article has been a little useful for you and that you’ll enjoy trying these places! Let me know in the comments if you want to read about more places, I’ll be happy to share these with you!

Looking for restaurants? It’s here!

⇒ If you’ve tried any of these let me know in the comments! And if you have any nice place in mind, let me know!!



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