How to get the best of Copenhagen in less than 48 hours

Happy Sunday fellow blog lovers!

Today I wanted to share my favorite things about Copenhagen and how to get the best of it in less than 48 hours. Impossible you’ll tell me, then, I hope I can prove you wrong!

I have spent the last weekend in Copenhagen, and so, I wanted to share with you my favorite spots and also some insights if you are planning on visiting the beautiful Danish capital city!

I need to admit that, when living in Stockholm, it is fairly easy to spend a bit of time in the other Scandinavian cities, as there are many flights available and the flying time is rather short – usually less or around 1 hour. So, my plan was to get a flight on the Friday, late afternoon so I could go straight after work, and coming back on Sunday afternoon, at a decent time. As this trip wasn’t really planned long ahead, the tickets were not so cheap, but all in all, I got to spend an amazing weekend!

As you know, I studied in south Sweden, so going to Denmark was really easy and we got to go pretty often. So yes, I need to admit that I wasn’t a complete stranger in the city! However, my cousin, whom I’ve met there, was! And we got to walk around a lot!

The good thing about Copenhagen airport, is that it is very close from the centre, and easy to go anywhere with train, metro or buses. So I arrived to Copenhagen around 19.00, and went straight to the hotel, located next to the metro stop Øresund, to drop my bag. Followed the hunger and sushi cravings. The hotel is located right by the beach and there are quite a few restaurants around. Friday night was easy, we walked in the area after dinner and headed back to hotel and had a nice girly chatty night!

Saturday morning, bright and early! One of my favorite things when I’m on holidays or weekend away, is to get a super large breakfast, which usually keeps me full until later in the afternoon. This way, you can visit the city and not spend time looking for restaurant or so. So we started the day by a quick walk around Christiania – the ‘free town’, stopped by the ‘church of our Saviour’, and then walked all the way along the canals to reach the famous Nyhavn.

As you can see on the picture, we’ve had a typical Scandinavian fall weather! One time bright blue sky, 5 min later, threatening grey and then few drops of rain, all of this with a cold Nordic wind! So if you are a newbie in Scandinavia, always remember to take your rain coat and a warm scarf!

We continued the day with walking around the centre, exploring the streets are Nyhavn, and then we went to the amazing covered market of Torvehallerne. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, but trust my words, it is absolutely amazing! There is all find of food and treats, everything fresh, and you can even eat there – which we skipped this time. However, we decided to quickly stop for a coffee, and found Ziggy! Known by the locals, think about taking some cash, as they don’t accept cards! Everything you wish costs 15kr (about 2€), there is a limited number of seats, but you can take away your treat and just keep on discovering the city.


So yes, we did take a seat, and then walked to the botanical garden, which is just 2 steps away from the café. The weather was good, so we enjoyed chilling in the park, until the strongest rain got us and forced us to go back to our room. When we reached there, the sun was – of course – shining! But we got to see the Öresund bridge, linking Sweden and Denmark, right outside our window!

After this unplanned stop, we went out for some dinner, and we followed tips from other travellers met during breakfast, and we went to the Meatpacking District. It is a district located in the south of the city, easily accessible with public transports, and where there are a lot of different restaurants, more or less crowded, but from all over the world. We went to this pizza place called ‘Mother’ – which I highly recommend, and stayed there for a couple of drinks too. This place had a large queue and long waiting time, but believe me, it is worth it! There is also live music, which enlighten your Saturday night!


Sunday-Funday! Large breakfast once again, followed by a boat tour! We headed back to the center and Nyhavn, to hop on an audio-guided tour along the canals and the city. I usually don’t do tours as such when I visit a city, but as our time there was limited, it was a nice way to discover the city from another angle. There are also a number of fun facts and information given, so at the end, I was happily surprise by the tour – worth around 15€ for one hour.


We continued the day by walking around the city, discovering new buildings, new streets and stores. And before heading back to the airport, a quick tea/hot chocolate stop was needed at the famous mall: Illum. On the top floor, there is a food court with several restaurants and a café, where you can enjoy a drink with a view! I guess the picture talks by itself!

Then I, of course, flew back to Stockholm, and got back to reality! But I hope you enjoyed this article and that it can be useful in some ways if you are planning on a trip to Copenhagen. Of course, there is much more to see in this beautiful city, but I believe it can give you some ideas for your next weekend trip!

⇒ If you have some other itineraries for this city, or places you like, please let me know in the comments!

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