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The 7 things I miss the most about France

The 7 things I miss the most about France

Hello friends!

Guess what, I’m writing from home! I’ve had a few days off from work and so I decided to travel home to my family for a few days. As I got here I realised there were few things I really really missed from home, and I guessed that some could be similar to what other expats are experiencing! So just scroll down to discover what I miss the most from home!

The last time I’ve been home, was I believe in March for a few days and I haven’t been back since. I didn’t really miss home nor my family in the meantime, cause we’re talking fairly often. But just like every time, I extremely missed them as soon as my trip got closer and became so impatient about flying there. And here I am!

I guess that more of the following things are more “French” than specific to the place where I live. I guess.

beach view in Brittany


1. Understanding what’s happening around me. And people too.

As weird as this might sound, understanding people and situations around people is quite nice and honestly not asking to repeat everything to English all the time is also pleasant.

2. The bread.

Yes, I know this is cliché and so on, but that’s just the truth! And actually, more than missing bread with my meals or as a snack, I miss the smell of bread cook at the bakery, because anywhere in France you’d walk by a bakery you have this amazing smell of freshly baked bread, and I love it! (It also works with pastries 😉)

macarons from a bakery in France


3. Driving.

As I do not have a car in Stockholm, it is quite hard to drive around in the city, out of the city to nice places for weekend or day-trips, or just going to the grocery store. At home, there. are few buses or not at convenient times, which is why everyone – almost – as a driving licence and just drive around. And honestly I like that when having a car, things can get more spontaneous and easy!

4. Being able to buy anything from the grocery store.

Including alcohol. Not that I drink much, but I always get annoyed that you need to go to different stores to complete your groceries. And I also miss the supermarket prices from France! There are definitely pros and cons when living in another country, and for sure prices in Sweden are higher. For pretty much everything.

Market in France Dinard


5. The ‘Southern European’ vibe.

If I can call it this way. And for me, it means small talks, warm welcoming in stores, or just people emailing and saying ‘hi’ in the streets, whether or not you know them. I miss this nice atmosphere of after works, where people are just chatting, walking around, being loud and laughing. I think that this last part has been the hardest one to adjust to when moving to Stockholm, and generally in Sweden.

Flower in market in Dinard France

6. Having a garden.

It is a privilege to have a garden, but when you grew up in a pretty big house with a large garden, well, it is definitely something I miss. And also growing vegetables and fruits, flowers and having a little more privacy than when living in an apartment building!

7. Having a large and closeby market.

It is for sure one of the first thing I did when I got home. Going to the market. There you can find, fresh fruits and veggies, all kind of home-made accessories or food, clothes and so on. And this selling vibe all over the place is great!

Eggs from a market in Dinard


All in all, I truly love living in Stockholm, and just as all expats some things and details are different from home. However, if you want to know why I decided to live abroad, you can read it here. I hope you guys enjoyed this article and if there are things you can relate to, let me know in the comments!

sunset at the beach in Brittany

⇒ And for you, what do you miss the most while living abroad?
⇒ Let me know in the comments if you’d like to read about the things I absolutely don’t miss from home!

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