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5 Tips when traveling to Sweden

5 Tips when traveling to Sweden

Oh, hello there!

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and having a lovely summer! Summer in Sweden is from far one of my favorite season, and it seems to be similar for many people. Tourism in Sweden is now booming, and so, I thought some tips could be interesting and useful when planning your future trip to this beautiful Scandinavian country.

So, with this being said, I came up with, what I consider being the 5 most important things to know when visiting Sweden.


1. No cash needed.

Whether you change it before leaving, upon arrival or just withdraw from a local ATM, you, first might have to pay extra due to bank fee or just exchange rates, and second you might struggle using it here. Yes, as weird as it sounds, there is an extensive number of places not accepting cash. Everything can be paid by card, so why bother carrying cash around?

2. Pack accordingly to the forecast.

Depending on the city you’ll be traveling to, it can be very humid or very dry and so the cold/warmth feel very different. Just check out your trustworthy weather forecast, or ask a local about the current weather and pack accordingly.


3. You can avoid the highly touristy summer season.

Summer is super nice, it is true. But it is also very packed! Cities, islands and transportation are crowded and the stay might not be as pleasant as it should. But instead of coming in July or August, just as everybody else, maybe May/June or September can be considered. These months are very nice, it is still very light till late in the day, and it is not freezing cold yet! Also, from early May everything is opened as it will be later in summer!


4. You can find cheap/free activities.

Sweden is an expensive country, yes. But it doesn’t mean that you need to pay for everything you want to do. In fact, many museums (for example) are free, you can also plan ahead your trip and book online, which gives a number of discounts. Same, if you are a student, there are a lot of discounts available for you, so just remember to take your student card with you!

DSC_0274 (2)

5. You might not need a transport card.

Transport cards are way cheaper than paying a single ticket every time you want to use the public transportation network. However, depending on the place you are staying in a city, let’s take Stockholm as an example, you can probably walk to many of the places you wish to visit during your stay. Just think about this for your next trip, and the money you’ll save here can be used for a good fika!


I hope this article can be useful for your next trip and if you need further advice or tips, feel free to ask in the comments here below!

Also, let me know in the comments if you’d like more of this kind of articles, specific to the seasons etc.!

⇒ And how about you, is there something important to know when visiting your country?

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