Weekend trip to Warsaw

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I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, and the last week of this amazing summer! If you follow me on social media, you know that we were in Warsaw, Poland, last weekend. So, this week, I am sharing with you all about our Warsaw weekend, and why it is an amazing destination for a short gateway!

In order to have a bit more time, and also because we were depending on the flight schedule, we took Friday off and left Stockholm bright and early!

If you are planning on a similar trip (which you should!) you can find our travel itinerary at first and then we listed our costs for the weekend in order to give a better idea of what to expect when spending a couple of days in beautiful Warsaw!


  • Travel Itinerary

Fly in Warsaw: Aug. 17th / Fly out Warsaw: Aug 19th

Day 1: We decided to fly cheap, and so we booked our tickets with Ryanair, about 2 to 3 weeks before flying. Ryanair flies from Stockholm Skavsta, which is about 1h20 drive from the center. We used flygbussarna as a bus shuttle, which is highly reliable and “wallet-friendly”, it is also the only company to drive there and there are many buses even early in the morning. We took this bus at about 3.30 AM on Friday (I told you it was bright and early!), and so got to the airport with plenty of time for out 6.30 AM flight.

Unfortunately there were a little bit of technical problem and left Stockholm with 2 hours delay. The flight lasts 1h20, and lands in Warsaw Modlin, which is about 45 min away from the city center. We used the Modlin express shuttle bus to reach the city and after this, decided to walk to our hotel, which was in the business district. By 12.30 PM we checked in and unpack our backpacks.

We got the amazing surprised of being upgraded by the hotel, so we got a bigger room, higher floor (22nd!!) with a perfect panorama view and also the access to the executive lounge of the hotel where we could enjoy some nice snacks and drinks during the day.


So, first things first, after settling in our room we decided to go out in the city and explore a bit. The tricky thing about such early departure is that if we would have stopped longer in the room and napped, we would have probably wake up late in the day and waste a lot of time, so as long as we don’t stop we’re fine. We followed that plan and walked back to the city, straight to the old town. We were lucky to have a great weather, 28 degrees and sun shining for the whole time. We walked along the royal road, leading to the royal palace and the smaller streets of the old town. After wandering around, we headed back to the road we came from as we could see some terraces, where we enjoyed yummy polish dumplings (pierogi) and a beer.


After walking around the old town, we decided to head back to the hotel and get a bit of rest. Luckily we could enjoy the pool area with sauna and jacuzzi to relax. Before getting off again we stopped by the lounge for a drink and drove (thanks Uber) to the Palace of Culture and Science to watch the sunset. It was, of course crowded but definitely worth going. from there we walked to the panorama bar of Marriott’s hotel as it was one of the first skyscraper in the city. After getting a drink we went back to the old town for a short walk and a waffle and then went back to the hotel for a deserved night of sleep!


Day 2: Saturday started with an amazing breakfast, and as every time we plan on having a long day, we have a large breakfast, that would keep us full until late in the afternoon. On our second – and last – day in Warsaw we started to walk towards the Lazienki Park (Royal Park) for a walk over there. On our way we stopped by a bike sharing station and cycled all the way there. Saturday happened to be a lot crowded than Friday, and so spending time in the park was a good idea as the park is big enough for us not to be packed with more tourists!



We walked around a lot that day and discovered a lot of nice places. As we created accounts for the bike sharing system, we cycled everywhere, and mostly along the river! Stopped in a floating boat/bar for a little break, then headed back to the old town and went back to the hotel for an afternoon break. Every time we went back to the hotel we stayed about 2 hours, which was just enough to relax but not enough to fall asleep. In the evening we cycled back to town for one last walk in the very beautiful evening walk. On the bigger place in the center, there are a lot of shows at nights and a lot of people there. We went down to the fountain for a lighting show and walked all the way to a not too crowded “Zapiecek” restaurant. We followed friends’ recommendations and had dinner there before heading back to the hotel to pack our bags and sleep!


Day 3: Sunday-Funday-Travelday! The trip was almost over, and our way back to the airport was slightly epic! As our flight was taking off at 8.30 AM we needed to be there early enough, and so that is what it takes when you want to travel cheap! We left the hotel at around 5 AM with a packed breakfast, drove to the central train station, hopped on a train, and then a bus, straight to the airport. The tricky thing is that the station is not really clearly stated – or maybe it is, but in Polish… – and the train’s doors don’t open at each station unless you push the button. The time for us to find this button, we almost missed the stop! After running to the bus, we managed getting on and we got to the airport fairly quickly. This time, there wasn’t any delay and we used the same shuttle bus to get to central Stockholm and then home. We got back at around 12.30 PM.


The reason why we didn’t take the same shuttle bus in Warsaw for the way back is due to the schedule and so we would have been in the airport either way too early or way too late. There are a lot of taxis and Uber available, but we didn’t want to pay the price they gave us. The train+bus option was quite cheap and would bring us there at the perfect time!

All in all, this weekend in Warsaw happened to be perfectly relaxing and we got to discover a place where we haven’t been before. On top of this, it is really affordable, and easy to get from Sweden. Such good experience, definitely calls for the next one!


  • How much does so much fun cost?

The prices stated here below are for per person (adults – may contain student discounts), and the currency used here is euro.

Flygbussarna airport shuttle bus (from Stockholm cityterminalen to Stockholm Skavsta): 26€

Ryanair tickets: 50€

Modlin express bus shuttle: 8€

Hotel (2 nights, including breakfast): 40€

Entrance fee to the palace of culture and science : 3,5€

Food (for the whole weekend): 16€

Drinks (whole weekend, incl. tea/coffee breaks): 19€

Uber rides (all combined): 5€

Bike sharing: 4,6€

Train+Bus to Modlin Airport: 4,8€

All in all, we spent 150€ each for 2 days in Warsaw, all expenses included.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and got a little curious about Warsaw! This is an amazing city and place to enjoy a weekend trip, especially with summer days like these! If you have any recommendations about Warsaw, please share them below, we never know when we’ll head back!

⇒ Let me know in the comments what was your favorite city trip!

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