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How much does it really cost to live in Stockholm?

How much does it really cost to live in Stockholm?
Hi friends!
Happy to see you here! For this article I wanted to share a bit of my experience as a foreigner living in Sweden. It is now almost 2 years that I live in this extremely beautiful but slightly expensive country. I believe that one of the first things that one wants to know before moving to a new country regards expenses. I gathered the main costs we have here to give you a better idea of how much it costs to live in Stockholm.

The first thing one hear about living in Scandinavia is how expensive it is. Well, that’s a start but how expensive is it? To answer that question, I decided to take the numbers of the last 6 months and just show how much one can spend per month when living in Sweden’s capital city. All the numbers that are presented below are in Swedish krones (SEK).
Cost of living Stockholm Sweden
As a side note, I live together with my boyfriend, and so we do split equally the expenses. We live about 20 minutes away from the central station with the metro, in a 50 m2 apartment. Of course the housing expense can differ depending on:
– The size of the apartment
– The neighborhood/distance from the center
– Whether it is a room or an apartment/house
Just to give a rough estimate, the rent of a single room would cost around 5000 or 6000:-, a studio 8000 to 13000:- depending on the location and an apartment around 10000 to 20000:-.

Our living expenses

So to go straight to the point, here are the numbers!
– Housing: 10500:-
– Insurrance: 200:-
– Electricity: 300:-
– Transportation: 560:- (each; using the student discount as long as we can), otherwise 800:-, the price is for a montly pass that is valid for all types of public transportation, otherwise a single ticket would cost around 35-40 SEK
– Food: 4000:-
– Drinks & Going out: 2000:- (maybe, I’m not too sure because we never counted, also we do not go out every day, maybe once a week or every 10 days – I guess)
– Other expenses: it just depends on what is happening, it can be anything that we don’t plan, could be shopping, IKEA, day trip somewhere…

Details on expenses

In order to vizualize some costs more specifically, here are some things you may want to know.
– Coffee/Tea: from 25 to 35:- for basic coffee
– Beer: from 50 to 75:-
– Glass of wine: around 89:-
– Club entry fee: around 150:-
– Ice Cream: from 35:-
– Museum entrance: national museums are free, others can be around 150:-
– Lunch: starts from 120:- for ‘lunch of the day’ and goes up to 200:-
– Dinner: Starting from 200:- to 300:- for a main dish
– Water at restaurant/bars is always free (unless you ask for sparkling).
I believe that depending on your interests, the expenses differ from ours, as well as priorities and the amount one wants to save. For example we do not spend money on gym or sports activities, either due to company perks or just by going for a run outdoor in one of the close by areas. If you need more details on how it is like to live in Stockholm, have a look here. So all in all, we spend approximately 17500 SEK per month. Is it more than what one would spend in their homecountry, maybe, depending on the country you are comparing it with. Some things are definitely more expensive here in Stockholm than elsewhere in Sweden or in the World, the same way as some things could be cheaper.
At the end of the day, it is a matter of balancing and prioritizing expenses over others and being aware of these costs here in Sweden.
I hope this will help you a little more if you are planning on moving to Sweden, and especially Stockholm!
⇒If there is anything you think is important to consider, please share in the comments!!

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